YTT Students Food Policy

Points to note for students those who eat at the college and for those who but their own food.

For the Residential Students, the breakfast will be provided at the hotel/guest house, where the lunch and dinner will be served at the school. We only serve home cooked vegetarian meal and students can pay Rs. 500 per day for lunch and dinner.

  • Please read the food menu carefully before you pay for the food charges.  We suggest you try our food for one day before committing for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Once food charges are paid, there will be no refund.  No refund will be provided even if you skip a meal or choose to eat outside during your stay.
  • As we try to cater to students from various countries, we strive to provide clean, home cooked, vegetarian food which is balanced and rich in nutrients.  We strive to provide an Indian culinary for all to enjoy and to enrich your yoga practice experience.
  • If you have any food allergies such as lactose intolerant, gluten or nut allergies, we recommend you source your own food outside as our kitchen is not equipped to handle special requests. There are restaurants and eateries around.
  • In general, our food is less spicy and oily.  Simple requests such as less salty or no spice can be accommodated and prepared accordingly.
  • Please eat the food only in the dining area and students are not allowed to bring the food to their room.
  • You cannot share or ask students who did not pay for the food charges to eat on your behalf.
  •  If you buy any food such as nuts, supplements or bread for your own consumption, please keep them in your own room and do not leave them outside or in the dining area.
  • If you plan to leave food in the common fridge, we are not responsible for any loss of food items stored as we do not monitor the food on your behalf.
  • Students are not allowed to cook any food on the college premises.
  • We have microwave, toasters, kettle, cutleries, cups, and plates, for your use. But please wash the dishes yourself and store them in the appropriate places after use.
  • Smoking, cooking or consuming any non-vegetarian diet or alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the college premises.

All students those who have enrolled for the course should agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined above.