Yogi Dr. T.A. Krishnan

Professional Qualifications

Obtained training in YOGA under the direct supervision of Asana. R.ANDIAPPAN at SUNDARA YOGASANA PAYIRCHI SALAI, Palayam kottai, Thirunelveli - 627 002. Tamil Nadu, India for Twelve Years, from 6.4.1968 to 6.4.1981.
Completed the one - year International Yoga Teacher's course conducted by SWAMI GITANANDA, sponsored by Yoga Jivana Satsangam (International) Adhyatma Yoga Sadhana Sanga Vishwa Yoga Samaj at ANADHA ASHRAM, prodicherry, India on 24th July 1981.
Completed one-year Yoga training under direct supervision of SHRI DHIRENDRA BRAHMACHARI, APARNA ASHRAM, NEW DELHI, INDIA.
Completed the Master's course of the WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, conducted by YOGIRAJ VETHATHRI MAHARISHI, on December 1988.
Member of the "Tamil Nadu Yogasana Sangam"  Registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act - (1989).
Completed the certificate course on "SAIVA SIDDANTHA" conducted by the Thiruvavaduthurai Aatheenam on May 1988.
Completed "Registered Siddha Practioner" at Pondicherry State Siddha Medical Practioner Association (Under I.M.C.C. Act - 1970, Govt. of India).
Completed "Diploma in Naturopathy" (N.D.) (4 years Course) at Alternative Medicine & Naruropathy Research Foundation, Chennai. (Affiliated to All Indis Nature Cure Federation (New Delhi) & Indian Board of Naturapathy (LUCKNOW))
Awarded "DOCTOR OF YOGA THERAPY" by the OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY for complementary Medicines, colombo, October - 1992.
Obtained certificate of "CLASS A" Practical License - (Practise of Natural Therapeutics & Member) - from "Indian Board of Naturopathy" - Chennai - (1995).
Obtained "Internship Certificate" (House Surgeon) from Kuhne's Naturopathy College & hospital - (1995) (Affiliated to All India Nature Cure Federation (New Delhi) & "Indian Board of Naturopathy (Lucknow).
Submitted Thesis (PH.D) in Yoga at "Medician Alternativa Institute" Colombo - 1997.