Yoga Therapy for Shoulder Bursitis

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint and has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. Because of this mobility, it is at risk for injury or degenerative problems.


Yoga therapy for shoulder bursitis focuses on strengthening and mobilising the shoulder. There are many postures which involves the Hasta Mudra (hand gestures), like raising the arms, interlocking of the fingers, pressing the palms to each other, holding the palms behind the back etc. Most of these hand gestures are practicsd in both standing and sitting postures.

In yoga therapy, stability is achieved with props like a strap, a stick, against the wall etc.

As the yoga practice helps regaining alignment and improves mobility, the postures are held for a while.

Yoga helps to ease and alleviate pain in the shoulders by bringing more awareness into the shoulders.

However, when there is acute pain, wait until the inflammation subsides. Consult a doctor to understand the injury and the range of movements.

Rest and do some restorative posture regularly, as recovery may be longer if the bursa becomes inflamed and swollen. 

Gradually start the practice under the guidance of a yoga teacher. Practise static postures using props. Learn to engage and strengthen the shoulder muscles. Align and regain the stability and freedom in the shoulders.