Yoga Therapy for Sexual Disorder (Dysfunction)

Sex is considered sacred, as life evolves from it. Sex is energy, which is the life force. Everything in the physical universe is in motion due to energy flow. The cells in our bodies, the blood in our veins, the electrical impulses in our nerves all continuously vibrate inside. Any sexual disorder or dysfunction can affect the vitality of life.

Sexual love between man and woman is a significant and sacred union in the development of a perfect family life. However, due to various reasons such as stress, lifestyle, physical condition or age, one undergoes various problems. It is important to address it seriously and evaluate any sexual disorder or inability which could either lead to or be caused by mental or physical problem; and ultimately affecting the overall quality of life.

Yoga Therapy

The essence of yoga is that sex is the most significant force in human being as it represents the life force. It is considered the primal (source) force as from this one has evolved or originated from.

When it comes to sex, the first thing that comes in the mind is “Kama Sutra”, the great sexual manual written by the Sage Vatsyayana. It is considered a bible or an art of sex for everyone. It contains details about sexual pleasure, positions and behaviours.

The great yoga text Tirumandiram by Yoga Siddhar Tirumoolar is considered a text of yoga or science of life. There is a Tantra or chapter called “Pariyanga Yoga“, which is considered “science of sex”. Pariyanaga means “Cot” or bed yoga. As Tirumoolar describes, the world is the body of ultimate being, women or Shakti in human guise. Sex is the love play between Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine); pleasure is modification of supreme bliss.

“The tantric practitioners cultivate not only pure motivation and pure thought, but also pure desire (Kama).”

Tirumandiram is about living life to its fullest.  The heart and soul of Tirumoolar”s Tantra is raising consciousness. Tantra teaches us to be more and more aware of our connection with all things.

Yoga reveals that humans are fundamentally sexual beings. We honour sex as a celebration of life and a desire to merge our souls with each other.

Practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas are about mastering energy, the vitality of life. Inversions and forward bend postures stimulate the nervous system. Twisting and backward bending postures keep the body flexible and supple.  Supine and arm balancing postures help strengthen the core muscles and prevent back injury. Practice of kriyas and pranayama heighten sensitivity and raise awareness.

Couples are advised to practise yoga together as this prepares both minds and bodies to be united in perfect harmony.

Tirumoolar calls love as the basis of yoga or union. Only through love, one is merged with Sivam (divine).

“Siva-aikya or Yoga” is possible only through Love.

“Like the sweet- love in sex-act experienced, So in the Great love, let yourself to Him succumb.” (verse 283)

Often, due to social custom or emotional aversion, many are not ready to speak about any sexual problems they face.

It is nonetheless important to seek a advice from a professional therapist in order to

correct the behavioral changes and advise on structuring sexual task.

The ultimate meaning of “yoga is union” and the practice of yoga

will benefit all to achieve a perfect union with our partners.