Yoga Therapy to Prevent Wrist Pain

Wrist injury has become a common issue nowadays. At least one or two persons in class may have experienced wrist pain. With pain, any arm balancing pose becomes uncomfortable.

Wrist injury can be caused by many factors – long hours on the keyboard, carrying heavy bags or holding weights, old injuries that did not heal properly etc. As such, doing asanas like Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), Downward Facing

Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Side Plank and any arm balancing poses is a challenge.

Yoga Therapy

There is a growing popularity in wristbands. While some see this as a fashion accessory, it is designed to protect and prevent a weak wrist. Hence, wear this only during injury. If used regularly, the real ability of the wrist is lost physically and mentally. This can also invite injuries as too much of anything is not good.

Learning proper techniques to achieve any posture, without jumping to the final pose, is important. At the same time, practise without awareness and knowledge invites injuries. Will power, determination and devotion to the practice can cause any injury to disappear.