Yoga Therapy for Liver Disorder

Our body operates like a very big chemical factory. Liver is the main organ, which monitors, prevents, refines, treats, handles and generates energy for the normal function of the entire system. The wellbeing of the body depends on this organ.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy for liver disorder involves asana practice, pranayama and kriyas. 

Asanas mainly focuses on the enhancement of the organs in the body. Forward bends and backward bending postures lengthens and massages the whole body. The liver is stretched like an elastic. Twisting postures are of great benefits as it directly contracts and squeezes the liver. This brings life to the liver and stimulates its efficiency.

Pranayama improves circulation, which aid digestion and purification. Practice of different kriyas will detoxify the whole system. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle alleviates the risk of liver disorder. Refrain from consumptions of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, and processed or refined foods. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits rich in detoxifying the liver.  Follow proper detox diets, which are designed to help the body rid itself of toxins.  Include organic foods and drinks, particularly water, which is part of a natural detox diet.


A regular asana practice keeps the body weight in control and improves overall function of the body. It enhances and improves the function of liver to prevent liver disorder. Kriyas such as dhauthi (cleansing the digestives tract) and basti (colon cleansing) are effective cleansing techniques.