Yoga Therapy for Kidney Disorders

Kidneys are very important in serving several essential regulatory roles in human. The main functions are to filtrate, reabsorb, and eliminate. Food and drinking habits and life style could take a toll on the kidneys. There has been reported increase in kidneys disorder lately. The worst cases result in renal failure and require either kidney dialysis or even a kidney transplant.

Yoga therapy is effective in improving the functions of the kidneys. Yoga can be a great help to either reduce or prevent damages to the kidneys. It would therefore improve the overall health of this vital organ.

Yoga Therapy

Practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas (cleansing techniques) can keep the internal organs healthy, particularly improving the overall function of the kidneys.

Asanas like gentle twist and backbends contracts and massages the kidneys. The practice enables and activates the efficient function of the kidneys.

Practice of pranayama like Nadi Sodhana, Anuloma-Viloma can control and balance the nervous system and relieve the mind from stress.

Kriyas are great cleansing techniques to remove the toxins out of the body. By purifying the entire system, one feels light and blood is cleansed by the flow of the prana to every single cell of the body.

Amongst other benefits, yoga controls the stress level, which is key to improving overall health. Regular and active practice of asanas and pranayama can help control the blood pressure and reduce the risk of chronic kidney diseases. A focused practice could either alleviate the effects of the kidney diseases.

Practice aside, a healthy diet is critical for preventing chronic kidney disease. Proper diet helps lower the amount of cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

Avoid taking too much of painkiller or any drug without the advice of the doctor because this can damage the kidneys. Further, consult the doctor timely and regularly, especially in situations of diabetes or high blood pressure.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, proper and early diagnosis with quick intervention is important for all potential illnesses, including severe kidneys disease.