Yoga Therapy for Gas in the Stomach

Yogis believe that the stomach is the birthplace of all the disease in our body and mind. They believe in internal hygiene of the system by the practice of Kriyas (cleansing techniques). The one who eats moderately enjoys the good health physically and attains mental poise.

Gas in stomach can be extremely discomforting and often, embarrassing. Understanding its symptoms and causes and various methods of alleviating the problem, may be beneficial for all those who suffer from this problem.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy for the digestive system is done through the practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas.

Standing upright without active movement of abdominal and diaphragmatic muscles could cause sagging of the organs in the abdominal cavity. This could cause bloating, burping and passing gas in the stomach. An asana practice with various muscles action helps to overcome these problems. For instance, a practice of inverted pose promotes good venous return, and viscera which could be sagging in normal upright position due to flabby musculature. Going upside down helps to expel the unwanted gases from the large intestines. In addition, sitting, twisting and supine asanas bring movement to the pelvis and massages the abdominal organs.

Pranayama keeps the diaphragm very active, which in turn keeps the digestive organs healthy and active. Practice of Kunjali Kriya is a very simple way to wash the stomach properly.

Practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas keep us healthy. Internal cleansing, bringing a sense of lightness to the body will keep you out of intestinal gas.

Changing eating and drinking habits can reduce stomach gas. For instance, eat and drink slowly can reduce the amount of air swallowed. Avoid using a straw to drink. It is important to drink directly as fluid needs to mix well with saliva to enable further digestions. Do not overeat; eat healthy food and maintain a proper diet.