Yoga Therapy for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a common condition caused by infection, allergy or autoimmune problems.  Some may have recurrent problem for years.  At times, it feels that the condition would not go away.

There are many ways to treat sinusitis and bring relief.  Yoga therapy for sinusitis aims at preventing and stopping this from worsening.

Yoga Therapy

Asana helps to release any blocks and helps in preparing the body for breathing. Pranayama helps clear the breathing passages, the nadis and improves the flow of breath.

Cleansing techinique like the kriyas irrigate the nostril clear and remove any mucus or drainage from the sinus.  Practise kriyas like jala neti – nasal irrigation with lukewarm water or saline; sutra neti – cleansing with a thread or catheter; kapalabhati and bhastrika to help in clear and open the passage.

Proper rest and relaxation are essential for the body to fight against inflammation and speed recovery.

Moisturise the sinus cavities with the help of water in jala neti and oil in sutra neti.  These cleansing techniques help to rinse out the nasal passages.

Regular yoga practice helps to relieve the practitioners from daily problems and fatigue.  It is probably the best self-remedy to tackle sinusitis, cold, flu, and other illnesses.