Yoga Therapy Feedback Details

I have come to India on a short visit. I wanted to learn yoga as it is craze in U.K. with all the celebrities doing yoga it has become fashionable and popular farm of exercise. I was very skeptical in joining in U.K. as I was not sure whether I would get the proper training.
When I came to India, My Dad suggested this yoga centre ran by Asana Andiappan who is well known in this field and appeared on TV shows. I have been doing yoga for a week now & I can fell the change in me. I have lost already 5 kgs. and come within the normal range. I feel alert & feel rejuvenated.
I am a radiologist & have a busy schedule I feel that by doing yoga regularly I will benefit in the long run. The centre in well run and all the tort us are courteous and professional. I am healthy to have learnt yoga from master Asana Andiappan.
Every one in India should learn yoga, so that we can be a national of healthy individuals which will inform benefit the nation. I hope to visit the centre on my next visit to India.
Dr. V. P. Sukumar