Yoga Therapy Feedback Details

Cleo Robertson came to visit friends in Chennai and discovered our Center. She joined immediately and began a series of strengthening poses and asanas. Cleo is 68 years old and wanted to feel more limber and able to avoid falling. After just three weeks, Cleo found that her immune system was working better. She also had lost 1.8 kg and her ability to move up and down stairs, in the street and around her garden was greatly improved. She made a self-help guide and bought the yoga poster to help her when she returned to the US. She plans to offer a course to older people in her community to practice simple asanas that will increase their flexibility and ease their body pains. Cleo is convinced that the reason she is able to walk 16 km, swim at least 1.6 km and kayak 9.7 km is due to her yoga practice. She took up yoga three years ago in the US and Sweden but found that often the technique of breathing, correct positioning and timing were not addressed. At our Center she found all three of these addressed in depth and feels very confident to continue her practice at home. She wants everyone to know that it has changed her life and will help her reach her goal of living to 120 years.
Cleo Robertson from St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 USA