Yoga Therapy Feedback Details

For any westerner who has not been exposed to the day to day practice of Indian Yoga to Andiappan method would be challenging initially. During the two weeks of my brief stay, have do initial three days felt quite up hill. However, once I had spent one whole week of daily practice, my body felt considerably lighter. It is intimidating to learn that some of the young masters here have well over ten years at daily practice experience whereas average westerners such as myself do not even begin to grasp the most fundamental aspects of Indian yoga. Although I do not exactly understand how all the asanas affect the bodily functions, my impression so far is that the Andiappan. So I feel strongly that even if one does not have any as going medical conditions, the Andiappan methods would in due course strengthen the body and needles to say, clear the mind. The psychological effects of the Andiappan method, would certainly be welcome to the west generally.
Thomas Morton