Yoga Therapy for Eye disorders

Eyes are one of the most important organs, if not the most important organ of our body. The eyes give us a vision to see the beauty of nature. They help us to perform our daily chores. What we experience and enjoy comes to us through our eyes. We therefore need to cherish, maintain and protect our healthy sight.

Yoga Therapy

Like other muscles, eye muscles need exercise if they are to stay healthy and strong.

Whatever the cause, vision changes should never be ignored. When vision deteriorates, it can significantly impact the quality of our lives. Changes in vision, blurriness, blind spots, halos around lights, or dimness of vision may represent eye disease, aging, eye injury, or a condition like diabetes that affects many organs in our bodies. Seek professional help and get an eye checkup.

Liver controls the peripheral nervous system, which regulates muscular activity and tension. Liver energy also controls ligaments and tendons, which together with muscles regulate motor activity and determine physical coordination. Liver function is reflected externally in the condition of finger nails and toenails and by the eyes and vision. Blurry vision is often a result of liver malfunction rather than an eye problem. Practice of forward bending and twisting asanas can keep the liver function properly.

Green vegetables and carrots provide good nutrition for the eyes.

Yoga can help one to take good care to protect and prevent eye problems.