Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus has become a common disease for people of all ages. Almost every country is fighting to control this and educating the society about it. Although the sufferers are growing in number, medical technology has advanced, but so would be the cost of the treatment. Yoga is the most holistic method to deal with Diabetes – both physically and mentally.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga can be an effective way to address diabetes.

The major benefits of a Yoga practice include:

  • Keeping one healthy and preventing from getting diabetes
  • Preventing a person of pre-diabetic from progressing to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Helping a diabetic from developing further in to a complicated disease

Diabetes not only affects the organs like pancreas, liver, intestines but may also contribute to mental illnesses.

Diseases like hypertension and ischemic heart disease are often accompanied by diabetes. Long term diabetes also affects the heart, the kidney, and virtually every organ. Chronic illness can lead to depression and sometimes low self esteem.

Yoga is a holistic practice. Asana and Pranamaya work, together physiologically and psychologically. Yoga helps ,overcome obstacles on the path of perfect health and self-development.

Yoga can be seen as a rebirth for Diabetics.

While medication is important in treating diabetics, Yoga works on everybody well before the onset of diabetes and post-diabetes. Yoga helps the failing pancreas function again gradually. Regular and consistent practice also strengthen the organic system. Emotionally, the practitioner, through Yoga practice, lifts up the mood and sees a more positive perspective towards life. There is a stronger confidence of controlling Diabetes.

In the longer term, Yoga practice keeps one healthy and free from any physical ailments. It also keeps the mind fresh and calm. As part of the practice, a Yoga practitioner changes his/her eating habits, thereby leading to a healthier life style. Consistent practitioners will notice an improvement in cardiovascular and kidney function, bladder control and other physical benefits. In summary, Yoga is a better way of creating harmony in our lives.