Yoga Therapy for Depression

It is not unusual that sometimes we are under the weather – feeling low and either unwilling or feeling demoralized to do anything. Some experience this feeling intensely over a relatively long period – weeks, months or even years – and without any apparent reasons either.

Yoga Therapy

Stress can be a major factor in depression. Yoga helps in uplifting one’s mood and relieves stress. In yoga therapy for depression, one learns to stabilise and manage the mood.

Depression or stress affect one’s physical posture and body alignment. Asana practice has a great impact on stabilising the moods. One learns to feel the connection between the body, breath and the mood. Inverted postures bring poise to the brain, which pacifies the central nervous system. Forward bending postures are soothing for the mind. Backbends cheers up one’s mood.

When the body is ready, pranayama helps to open the lungs by learning slow and steady deep breathing. Proper breathing keeps the spine long and the brain calm.

Further, during depression, stress, fear or anxiety, one tends to hold lot of muscular tension in the body. Practice of yoga nidra (guided meditation) or meditation will release unwanted tensions in the body. Meditation brings awareness and self-realisations, which help in good quality sleep, stable mood and social interaction. Relaxation calms the body and mind; and frees one from agitation, fear and anxiety.

Yoga therapy for depression keeps the mind and body in harmony, creating stability in the mind and a healthy body. 

To alleviate depression and stress, live a simple and easy life.  Maintain a healthy and proper diet. 

Yoga helps one to learn to modulate the response of stress.  Practise asana and pranayama regularly as they connect and control the body with the moods of the mind.  Meditation brings awareness and relaxation.