Yoga Therapy for Constipation

Constipation, which is caused by digestive disorder, is extremely common. Almost everyone would have experienced it. Yoga helps remove and prevent all kinds of ailments through practicing asana, pranayama and kriyas.

“Purity of body encourages purity of mind.”

Yoga Therapy

Practice of asana and kriyas every morning helps to empty out the bowels. Yoga has developed many postures and cleansing techniques for purification of physical body.

Through these simple techniques, one is aided in natural elimination of the waste and the mental complaints are relived.

Constipation is considered the mother of several diseases. Just imagine leaving the garbage around you, you feel sick naturally because of the smell, the irritation etc. This is not dissimilar to accumulating waste matters, which create toxins, in your body. If the waste is not eliminated, the body becomes more vulnerable to diseases, thus ruining your health. If the bowels do not move freely, one feels heavy and irritated. As a consequence, the mind becomes dull; the sufferer’s well being is affected.

Asanas help us to keep the bowel free, which either maintain or regain good health. When practiced regularly, they keep our mind sharp, the senses keen, and increase the body’s resistance to diseases.

Further, regularizing the diet, drinking sufficient fluids, particularly water, are also an important part to combat constipation.