Yoga Therapy for Bronchitis

“Life depends on the breath, just like a fish depends on the water. Breath is the source of the life.”

Any disorder in the respiratory system can affect the mood of the mind in our daily life, which in turn affects our health. Yoga practice can ease most of the breathing disorders, including bronchitis.

Yoga Therapy

Asana practice improves the efficiency of the lungs and keeps the flow of breath smooth. Inverted and backward bending poses improve the function of the respiratory system.

Practice of pranayama and kriyas cleans the respiratory track (mucociliary clearance) and improves the lung capacity. Pranayama is greatly used in treating bronchitis for the muscles to relax and to stay at comfort level. Deep breathing pranayama helps the muscles to obtain fresh air and relax.

A healthy body and mind alleviates most of the problems of respiratory system.

Avoid exposure to dusty or polluted environment.

Practise kriyas, the yogic cleansing techniques, regularly. By practising asana and pranayama at the initial stage, bronchitis can be controlled.

Consult a general practitioner if you suffer from either a cold or influenza for more than one or two weeks.