Yoga Therapy for Arthritis

Everyone must have either come across or heard of Arthristis. Maybe somebody near and dear to you has experienced it. If neglected, it could affect the sufferer significantly, if not now, in future. Learning about Arthritis can help you and your family and friends to protect, prevent or overcome it.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is the best to overcome Arthritis. As asanas are gentle in nature, they generate physiological, and psychological benefits for the sufferer. Some simple physical movement to the joints can improve blood circulation and increase the range of mobility in the area.

However, care must be taken not to over strain any unmovable joint or any still area by mistake. Consulting a doctor to identify the kind of arthritis one is essential such that the sufferer understand the problem better.

More importantly, one should learn the asanas from a proper Yoga teacher, as not all asanas are suitable for everybody. The teacher can guide the sufferer to perform asanas correctly and safely. Further, Yoga can help reduce the stress and frustration to deal with the pain and stiffness.

Regular Yoga practice helps relieve long-term pain from the affected joint(s). This helps reduce inflammation in the joint(s), which eventually decreases the pain. A consistent practice will lead to overall well being, both physically and mentally. The asana practice improves the muscles strength, endurance and flexibility.

Stay well and be free from Arthritis!