Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course – Full Time Course - On-site

Course Feedback

I am grateful to everyone at the college especially the Yoga masters and of course Guruji. The admin staff were expecially helpful and I felt that good care was taken of me having travelled such a long way from home and my family. The food was healthy and I felt very clean internally by the end of the month. The accommodations were excellent standard. For me the course I attended here is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to: ~ stress test me AND my existing Yoga knowledge which is heavily influenced by western masters ~ cross-check what I have learned already through formal training and private study to ensure that that I am not deluding myself, have not deviated and I am remaining true to authentic Yoga teachings ~ be somewhere that Indian people go to learn to teach Yoga ~ feel close to Yogas origins ~ be where asana takes its relative position as a small PART of Yoga and is not delivered as being ALL of Yoga {Remember, the GOAL of Asana IS Yoga or union } ~ satisfy my interest to learn more about the curative effects of asana ~ find out more about how to use Yoga to help those that want to free themselves from mental and physical suffering. ~ acquire new knowledge that over time will help me better serve the practitioners that choose to come to my classes All this was achieved with your help. Thank you all very much indeed; I wish ye all health and happiness. Patricia Thomas Jersey, Channel Islands Course: 300hrs  Yoga Therapy (Oct 1, 2015 - Oct 26, 2015) IYATT NO: IYATT - 2748
Student Id : 2015000987
Batch Code : 2015/10/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India