Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course – Full Time Course - On-site

Course Feedback

    I dont know were to start from.. it goes without saying had a great time being at this school and knowing all of you. The best part about the people here is all are so humble and cooperative, always ready to assist you. You share some issue, all are running around to solve it. “NO” word is simply missing from the environment here... Thanks Dr Kurunji, Dr Anjhana, Anjala you are the best anatomy teachers with special knob of understanding the limitation of the students and perfectly moulding your teaching to get the anatomy smoothly inside their head. The best part is till the time every student in the class have understood you never give up.. hats off Thanks Master Mahesh, Master Deepak, Master Shyam..the young team of talented teachers with varied styles & approach, always full of energy, have learned a lot from you guys. You all are just fabulous and fun too. Thanks Vishnu sir..our ONLY on screen darshan teacher..making us understand the yogic theory about chakras, nadis..etc in the simplified way. Thanks Master Anand, Master Balaji from Rainbow hall whatever brief interactions we had, were always full of knowledge, insightful and pure experience, which you never hesitated to share it with me. I still remember during a causal discussion had requested Master Anand to spend some time with me, which he simply agreed & fulfilled post his committed sessions till 8-8.30 pm, also he made sure that next time whenever I visited rainbow hall always checked if I had any queries. Thanks Aruna and Raja - our course managers, always ready to solve our issues, you request to them and be rest assured things will be taken care off. You guys are simply amazing. Also, special thanks to Aruna for making sure that requested lectures are covered. How can I forget the kitchen team, I believe you guys cook the best food, whatever it maybe food type, variety, quantity, arrangements, timings.. everything perfect.. I made a right move by deciding to have my meals inhouse. Going to miss the food Special thanks to Respected was my honour and I consider myself fortunate to be part of those sessions with you. Every session was like ocean of knowledge, so much to learn.. wish would had more of them. Name: Swapnil Birla Course: 500 hrs - Yoga Therapy Dates: 2nd February – 19th March 2015
Student Id : 20150001
Batch Code : 2015/02/500/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India