Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level)

Course Feedback

I’m very happy with the course content, I’ve learned so much from different teachers. I enjoyed so much the morning asana classes where I learn a lot and it was the first time in a long time, that I had time to focus completely on the training. Master Raja is one of the best teachers I ever had, he is very knowledgeable and you can see that he makes his classes for everyone one, having always an alternative for all the students. Mr Rajadurai is very knowledgeable also and I love his passion for teaching, his explanations and demonstrations are very clear and you can really focus in what you are doing. Mr Prakash, Ms Priyanka, Dr Gowri, Ms Ezhili, I can see they were very prepared at the moment to teach and the information they give us is very important and necessary for the training and for teaching yoga. Rooms are very comfortable. Namaste
Student Id : 2018000355
Batch Code : 2018/04/200/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

It has been a beautiful experience.The Knowledge shared is very thorough and Fundamental. Each teacher has so much passion that is not just heard but felt. This experience has given me a new perception on how i will continue to share Yoga with others. What I am grateful for. - a beautiful place to stay, study and practice - Ezhili fro organizing unforgettable experiences like banana leaf bath, Mud bath and beach yoga day. - Master Raja for his patience and fun-filled interactive style of teaching - Master Rajadurai for his amazing sweet and simple style of teaching - Master Prakash for his passionate style of teaching Yoga therapy - our security for being so friendly and helpful - housekeeping for keeping our rooms fresh and clean daily. - airport driver for the warm welcome and smile at the airport - Guruji for his devotion and love he put into this beautiful college Thank you very much for everything!!
Student Id : 2018000357
Batch Code : 2018/04/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I am happy with the The Yoga Therapy program. The program is well thought out and structured. It takes in a lot of consideration of the knowledge that a yoga therapist must have. This includes apply anatomy, physiology, Ayurveda medicine as well as everything we need to know about yoga, mudras and bandas. The daily yoga practice is a critical part of our training. We all needs to feel the poses and their affect on the body. The experiential part of the classes are well constructed. I like that we not only learn about various medical conditions, but have an opportunity to experience the poses that can be adapted for the patient. I love the leaf and mud wrap experience. I have never imagine that I would do the Kunjali Kriya, but Mr Raja is such a good teacher that he gave me the confidence to try. I even ask to do it again! Master Raja. Master Rajadura are amazing teachers. They know the postures really well and break it down in stages for us to warm up and do the poses according to our abilities. They know how to modify and make safe adjustments honouring each body. They are simply awesome!
Student Id : 2018000361
Batch Code : 2018/04/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

Name: Santhosh Karunakaran Course: 300 hrs Intensive Hath Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate – Advanced level) ID No. : IYATT-1710 Namaste, I came here without a lot of expectations to learn the practice of yoga and its meaning is a different understanding than I used to do all this years. Whatever I learned from this institute, not only the techniques of yoga asanas, all is a good lesson for any future life. During that period I was observing in and outside of the class room, teachers, environment, food, my friends all given me good lesson and how to maintain a balanced life even in difficulties. I appreciate great patience especially master Mahesh. He has good patience and sincerity in teaching the students. Anatomy & Naturopathy classes were very good. Dr.Kurnji is a good teacher. Master Aruna is a very shinny person and she has good positive attitude. Master Sathyabama enthusiasm is great and your good every keep everyone alive. Raja is a good yoga practice teacher. Thank you Omji Santhosh.
Student Id : 2014002019
Batch Code : 2014/07/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

IYATT-1653 I have interest in learning yoga therapy and wanted to learn it in a proper manner. This made me join the 500 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Course. The training imparted was quite intensive and is a very useful course for those who are aspiring to become good Yoga Instructors and Therapists. I did enjoy the course and have gained more knowledge through this course. All the instructors and teachers have very good knowledge about the subjects they taught.  I thank all the Yoga Instructors for their guidance and personal attention imparted to make corrections for more perfection of the poses, not only for me but also for the others who are doing the Teachers Training Course. I am lucky that I could do some teaching practice during the course which is very importance for all those who join the 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training Course and I hope similar opportunity will be given to others in future. Thank you Guruji. Dr. Asana Andiappan P.T.Venugopal
Student Id : 2014003106
Batch Code : 2014/05/500/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

All the faculties and the staffs are really friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the course very much. I have received a lot of good knowledge about yoga practice and teaching. S. Senthil IYATT-1704 Course: 100 hrs Intensive Hath Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course (Basic - Intermediate level) Thank you.
Student Id : 2014003103
Batch Code : 2014/06/100/FT/IHYTBR/IN/1

Teachings in yoga center helped me in asana practice. It have positive impact because it constantly to become more sensitive, more conscious, more awareness of myself – not just body also the mind, feelings and my very nature. The real value of asana practice is that it can teach us to tune in and truly feel. As my sensitivity increases, life becomes richer, awareness mauls me clearer. I feel become more effective in all my actions and my presence begin to inspire and bring out the best in me. Namaste N.P.Naveen Kumar IYATT-1709 Course: 100 hrs Intensive Hath Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course (Basic - Intermediate level)
Student Id : 2014002913
Batch Code : 2014/06/100/FT/IHYTBR/IN/2

By learning this course I totally understood how yoga practice is really good for health. The learning experience is very good. The food they provide and natural yogic diet is very tasty and healthy. Thank you M.Lavanya Course : 200 hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course ID.No. : IYATT-1655
Student Id : 2014002958
Batch Code : 2014/05/200/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

1. Its really a great opportunity for us to interact & learn from such a legend like Guruji Asana Andiappan. 2. The structure of the course & the system of conducting is really exemplary. 3. The staff & the trainers are professional & co-operative that we never felt that training is happening at third party place, we feel very homely here. 4. It is the once in a life time opportunity for me to know about the legendary art & course like Patanjali and Thirumoolars Ashtanga Yoga. 5. I felt this is an opportunity to realize my inner potential ability & skills to the greatest extent I will strongly recommend anyone to learn and advance their yoga training at this well reputed institution Sathvika.P Course : Completed 200 hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course ID.No. : IYATT-1656  
Student Id : 2014002906
Batch Code : 2014/05/200/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

Overall, Im happy with the course and my expectations were exceeded. The Airport pickup arrangements were very professional. I was fully satisfied with my accommodation facilities and the rooms are very spacious. All the Instructors very knowledgeable in their respective areas. Course Materials provided: very good. (Mat, uniform, books: very good), (Schedule: very good!), (Kriyas kit: Very good!) I enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, made some interesting contacts and I would definitely recommend the course to friends/colleagues. I would like to express my gratitude to Guruji, the whole staff of the training course for the great experience of learning and sharing! Ms. Giulia Graziano Hong Kong Completed 100 hour Intersive Yoga Teaching TrainingCertificate Course Oct 2012
Student Id : 2014001401
Batch Code : 2013/01/100/PT/AHYTT1/HK/1

Thank you every one at Asana Andiappan Yoga Research Centre. I never expected that I will fall in love with Yoga here. The daily morning practice with Guruji is a precious experience. Learning with Yogananth was a true gift. I pushed myself further every day and explored physically, mentally and emotionally. I have experienced how yoga heals by body. I am excited to continue to practice in my everyday life. Thank you all for this gift. Namaste Jasmine Thana USA Completed 200hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course on 2012.
Student Id : 2014000640
Batch Code : 2012/06/500/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I actually came to India to study with another ashram and wanted to stay at Andiappan Yoga for few days to experience their teaching. After the second day I decided to stay here and joined the Yoga Therapy Course. They offer very good yoga training; experienced teachers made my learning process a lovely one. All the people at the center are very friendly and helpful. I am very happy to have learnt here and they all are committed to this practice. They provided with high standard of yoga education and dedication into the practice of yoga in relation to the yoga therapy course I will definitely come back for future training. Sincerely, Karin Chile Completed Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course - Dec 2012
Student Id : 2016000021
Batch Code : 2016/01/200/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

Incredible India lived up to its name. I went on the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course with no preconceived ideas of what to expect. I had scanned the questions and answers section of your website but on purpose I didnt look too deeply and I didnt buy any Chennai tourist guide books because I wanted my first trip to India to be a surprise.... a wonderful surprise is exactly what awaited me. I have fallen in love with yoga in India, the people, the food, the temples, the mud+leaf baths, the Indian birthday celebrations and of course on Yoga Therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning yoga sessions with Guruji and Yogananth. Doing Sun Salutations on the Beach at 6am was another highlight. Visiting Mahaballipuram Temple, one of the oldest structural stone temples in South India was a very memorable experience; it was one of the most beautiful architectural sites Id ever visited, including previous visits to Angkor Wat and Pompeii. It was a huge honor to be invited to be part of Gurujis 83rd birthday celebrations and to be dressed in a traditional sari added to that wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the traditional way of worshipping a Guru and I loved the energy. I loved walking barefoot sometimes, having the opportunity to learn to eat correctly Indian style and consuming copious amounts of delicious vegetarian food. The group of students on the course came from all walks of life, we were very different characters, with a wide range of ages and nationalities. The common denominator was yoga and as a result we all got on like one big, happy family. Dr. Raman explained Anatomy and Physiology in a very interesting yet simple, clear way. He also made the yoga morning on the beach a lot of fun, although I suspect he d spent sometime in the army! Dr. Vishnu was one of the most special interesting teachers I ve ever come across. His way of teaching is very detailed. Iam really keen to go back again towards the end of next year if I can fit it in with family commitments. Thank you for changing my life in a very positive way. I will return! Namaste Grainne Meehan Ireland Completed Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course - Dec 2012
Student Id : 2014001663
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My learning experience at the Andiappan Yoga Centre was really positive. Ive felt very comfortable in every class, Ive really enjoyed all of them, and they were very interesting and stimulating. Each and every teacher is high experienced and knowledgeable, their teachings are precise and clear. Especially Ms. Anjaladevi has given me very important and valuable knowledge about yoga therapy practice, very useful to me. And the morning yoga classes with Guruji have given me a strong experience of discipline and persistence. Even though I stayed for a short period, Ive learnt a lot, and now I feel much more secure about my practice as a teacher (as a yogini too), and Ill continue my studies and practice with more enthusiasm than ever. Iam really grateful for this unique opportunity, I want to thanks Guruji Asana Andiappan and all the people that make this kind of learning experience possible. In my next visit to India Ill come back for more classes! Lucila Belmonte Argentina Completed Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course – Feb 2013  
Student Id : 2014002743
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I am already practising yoga for more than seven years and I have learnt Isha Yoga and Art of Living before. I always wanted to learn from the authentic traditions such as Andiappan Yoga lineage. I was looking for a place where I can learn a true yoga without any mix of commercial motives. Guruji Andiappans research based on Thirumoolars Thirumandiram attracted me alot and I have read his Tamil books before  I am very much interested to take up yoga as my carrier. My feedback about this teacher training is given below 1) This place is one of the few authentic and one of well renowned yoga lineage in India. 2) Guruji Himself has done a lot research on Yoga Therapy for various ailments and has written many books. 3) They also offer guidance to get job opportunities for the students after completing their courses. 4) Every human being should practice yoga and it should be practice as part of the daily routine habits. Classes with Master Mahesh, Anna Durai, Raman, Anjala and Maami was really interesting. I thank you Guruji Andiappan for keeping the originality in yoga practice and teaching thirumoolars principles of Ashtanga Yoga. K. Manikandam Balamurali - India Completed 200hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program - April 2013  
Student Id : 2014002734
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I have learnt a very structured yoga teacher training program here. The support and training given to the students are very good. The practicals sessions with Guruji and Master Mahesh is the best experience. Thank you all for your guidance M.Meenakshi - India Completed 200hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program - April 2013
Student Id : 2014002745
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The admission process of the course is smooth and efficient. Accommodation facilities are very good and the vegetarian food provided for us is excellent. The syllabus is really diversified and contains necessary and important contents. The theory classes are very good as the classes are conducted in small groups and we were able to interact with the teachers and ask our questions even after the class. They are well trained and knowledgeable. All in all very enjoyable, instructive, great hospitality, personal attention and very friendly and helpful staff. Namaste Silvia Kapoor United States Completed 200hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course ( Intermediate - Advanced Level) - April 2013  
Student Id : 2014002771
Batch Code : 2013/04/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

Today I am completing my 200hrs teacher training course and is very proud to be a properly internationally certified yoga teacher from an established prestigious academy. These 18 days have been intense yet calming, exhausting yet energising, exhirilating and very enjoyable experience.All the course instructors and coordinators have been very helpful and informative.Madam Anjala has been efficient with the enrolment process and scheduling the course schedules. In her Yoga Theory and Philosophy classes, she has provided very good information and included yoga practical in her explanation on therapy based topics.Asana classes with Gurujis Grandson Mr. Mahesh in the morning provided a very energising start for each day. His explanation on techniques and dos and dont of asana are very informative and he is also very patient with me when I am unable to perform some asanas properly due to some old injuries.Mr. Rajas evening classes are very intensive every day but yet I look forward to it every evening.The use of props were also very helpful.I have also enjoyed the meditation classes Overall I have learnt a lot from this course. I have learnt to be more self aware of my body, my mind and my inner self. I have decided to further my journey in yoga by enrolling in your 200hrs Intensive yoga therapy teacher training course in June 2013 so I will gain more knowledge in all aspects of yoga. Thank you all for a very inspiring experience Namaste. Tiara Sze Malaysia Completed 200hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course - May 2013
Student Id : 2014002781
Batch Code : 2013/06/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

The 100hrs course I just completed was very constructive. The Faculties were very friendly and gave us the maximum information that they course fit during this training. All our doubts were clarified. The techniques of the asanas were well taught and demonstrated by the masters. Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappans teaching was very enriching. Very peaceful ambience was provided for our learning. I was able to learn and practice the mudras and bandhas with expert guidance. It was a great experience. Although I have been practising yoga for more than seven years but still I have learnt alot of new techniques and approaches. All the faculties including Raja, Mahesh, Sundar and Anjala guided us very smoothly and effectively in the process.I wish I had more time to extend the course to learn more. The yoga philosophy and anatomy classes with Gowri was simple great. Thanks to Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan and his Son Yogananth Andiappan for providing us such a great learning oppurtunity. S. Vaishnavi India Completed Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Basic to Intermediate) May 2013
Student Id : 2016000495
Batch Code : 2016/06/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I joined Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course for 18 days. I learned and benefited more than what I expected. I am really thankful to all the staffs and the teachers. This training has changed my life totally and I want to live a pure healthy yogic lifestyle as they taught me here. My son who also attended the training with me got benefited very much. He gave up drinking coffee and changed his poor habits.I really pray for this centres growth as all the staffs are very dedicated, sincere and polite. My sincere thanks to M/s Anjala, Raja, Mahesh, Hari, Anand, Sundar and the Kitchen Staff. I am leaving this place with total happiness and starting a new lifestyle with all the yogic knowledge that I gained through this training under Guruji Andiappans blessings. Thank you S. Kalaivani India Completed 200hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course (June 2013)
Student Id : 2017000010
Batch Code : 2017/01/500/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

At the outset let me thank you and the Asana Andiappan College for the fantastic 18 days. Your program is well structured and is suited for aspirants with little or no yoga experience as well as for advanced yoga practitioners. The curriculum is unique and the mode of instruction was superb. You have provided me with information that was rich in content and the way you have taught that was easily understandable. Master Mahesh, Sunder and Aruna are so experienced and was ever helpful during the entire program. It was only because of their efforts, I was able to grasp the contents so fast. Overall, thank you once again to the entire team, for all the learning I have acquired from all of you. Your institution would always remain as one of the outstanding institutions for Yoga learning. Thank You once again, Praveen Saanker India Completed 200hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course June 2013
Student Id : 2014002757
Batch Code : 2013/06/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/2

Participating in the teaching training is indeed a life changing experience – with the kind guidance of Guruji & Master Yogananth, I have gone through a vigorous yoga practice to explore my body limits & understand my strength and weakness. More importantly I learn from Master Yogananth is to accept my body for what it is, and actively strive to become better. I also tried being a pure vegetarian for 10 days for the 1st time in my life. The diet, coupled with the practice, has indeed made me more flexible mentally and physically. The training not only taught me teaching skills but also shredded light on the way I look at life. I will definitely take this training and apply these principles to my life & everyday I can inspire others as Master Yogananth does. Also, I show my great gratitude towards Anjala who provides a comprehensive Training and theory yoga therapy training as well as Master Mahesh, Yogi Krishna, and many others who gave this training an amazing experience. Sandi Li Hong Kong Student ID: IYATT-0985 Completed Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate – Advanced Level)
Student Id : 2014001610
Batch Code :

A wonderful & ideal place for practicing traditional and authentic yoga training in India. Well equipped yoga rooms, all are very tidy and clean. Also, the pure vegetarian meals made me unforgettable experience. And the nice staffs who took care us in good condition. I have spent a great yoga trip in my life. Ling Lau Hong Kong Students Id : IYATT-0809 Completed Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course – (Intermediate – Advanced Level) July 2013
Student Id : 2014001551
Batch Code : 2013/02/100/PT/AHYTT2/HK/1

There is one thing sure : everyone here is sincerely and deeply devoted to the real purpose of yoga. In this indian style teachers training, all the aspects of a real practice are covered and most principles of hatha yoga are involved in the teaching as well as the way the staff will take care of you. Under the guidance of Guruji and his son Yoganath as well of all the Andiappan yoga college family, youll feel lurning the path of the great Siddhas from south india in a way that everyone can find his own. In that sens, even if each class can be different in style or experience, for sure every teacher is sincere and want you to grow as they certainly did. Thank you to all the devoted teachers, to Anjala that do her best to make things going fluently all together, and specially to Yogananth and Guruji for keeping alive the path of self realisation. Om Namah Shivaya ! Sylvie Tremblay, Canada Students Id : IYATT-0986 Completed 300 hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Intermediate - Advanced Level) July 2013
Student Id : 2014002778
Batch Code : 2013/06/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

I am M. Venkatram. I practiced 200 hours Teacher Training course in Andiappan Yoga Academy. I learned many thing in yoga. I changed many activities in my life. Especially during the practical hours. I really enjoyed and it is very beneficial to me. It changed many activities in my body. Theory classes preached me good values of the life. I learned about many disease therapies. I enjoyed alot. All teachers are very friendly and cooperative. I thank all the teachers for their co-operation. M. Venkatarrma Reddy Andra Pradesh Completed 200 hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course. July 2013
Student Id : 2016000805
Batch Code : 2016/10/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

Yoga is been taught in more scientific method in Dr. Asana Andiappan College of yoga and research center. We all have learned so many different dimensions of yoga from Dr. Yogananth and other faculty. This yoga course is only as stepping stone for us and I am sure that each and every student enjoyed learning yoga here. Thank you Guruji, Dr. Yogananth, Mrs. Anjala, Ms. Sundar, Master Raja, Master.Mahesh, Master. Vishnu for all your teachings. Mallika Chennai Completed 200 hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Intermediate - Advanced Level) July 2013
Student Id : 2015001103
Batch Code : 2013/07/200/FT/IHYTINR/CHI/1

Very Good teaching. The part of Yoga therapy was very interesting and I went to Andiappan school for that and i have found what i want. My project is to teach yoga therapy for people who have diseases and i think that after this training i am able to do this. Thanks for all. It was a good moment and i bring to France many memories
Student Id : 2015000001
Batch Code : 2015/01/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I have found this course to be very useful for my physical & mental health. All my teachers at Asana Andiappan Yoga centre has taught me to be a professional. They have been very patient & understanding during the course.  I have also learnt a lot from Asana Andiappan sir and the naturopathy diet was also very enriching. I would like to thank you all for teaching me very valuable things about yoga and accommodating me during weekends. I hope to learn more during my practice in future for which this course had been a base for. COURSE: 500 HRS YOGA THERAPY (SEP 21ST 2014 - DEC 9TH 2014) (PART TIME)
Student Id : 2014003171
Batch Code : 2014/09/500/PT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I was familiar with Maharishis meditation and Art of living. I have irregular practice of basic exercise. After joining here its really a good feel of mind, body and soul. I came to understand the Asanas and i feel that i found my way to reach God. Guruji showed me who is god and the qualities of god. I got more informations  from Guruji about anatomy, yoga physiology and how to classify the diseases through Vata, Pitta and Kapha and yoga therapy. You people give faith & confident to try and do even advance poses Mr.Kumaran, Master Mahesh & Deepak did their job well. Dr.Kurunji and Ms. Aruna taught well. Ms. Kurunji tried to complete the subject even though it is a vast area. I learnt new things from the outside faculties. All office staff are more helpful. Pondicherry trip to International Yoga Festival - 2015 gives me more energy when i came here i was in lot of stress but now i emptied and filled my mind with yoga. I got new friends and their friendship. On seeing them i did some poses well"if they can why not i" attitude. And they too taught us some new variations and children yoga and some advance poses. Once again i thank you all Andiappan Yoga institutions for giving the knowledge and good training.
Student Id : 2015000006
Batch Code : 2014/12/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

For me, this experience was a total challenge in my life in all aspects food, language, surrounding people. The training was well put to hatha well executed and got me the confidence to walk away as a yoga instructor. The experience has open my mind to every aspect of yoga taught and allowed me to see myself in a new and improved light. The training was a mind and heart opening experience. It was a competitive yoga course with teachers who also like friends. The Course was challenging at times but definitely pursued me to my full potential. I really enjoyed each of the trainers unique style. Thank you all for your teachings Mihaela Jipa Romania Completed  200hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course - (Intermediate - Advanced Level) - Jan 2015
Student Id : 2014003359
Batch Code : 2015/01/200/FT/IHYTBR/IN/1

Teachers and staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Efficiency was great especially for the administrative department, right from the application procedures when I was in HK, all the replies and follow-up are done very well. Teachers are all willing to share and reply to questions. Though sometime language is a problem for both sides, overall the lessons are well conducted. I did learn a lot from you all, thank you! In terms of asanapractice and flexibility, I am very much impressed by the progress in the pass 20 days. Accommodation is excellent. Clean, comfortable, with all the things I need for the stay here. Perfect. Food is also wonderful. I had wonderful time with you all, million thanks! NAME: LO KWAN HIN COURSE: 300 HRS YOGA THERAPY (1ST MARCH 2015 - 26TH MARCH 2015) COUNTRY: HONG KONG ID.NO: IYATT 2607
Student Id : 2015000297
Batch Code : 2015/03/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

              One month journey in yoga teachers training with Andiappan yoga Institute was amazing. As soon as we stood there for inquiring about the teachers training, we were given with lot of details by the office administration. They were very patient in handling our queries and very systematic in handling over the materials required for the training programme upon our enrollment. We still reckon that warm smiling welcome. Our day training would begin with Master Rajas class. He was well planned and well organized as to what to take in the class every day. He was very patient in the handling us during Kriya sessions. He explained us the benefit of every asana in depth. Thank you so much sir for improving our flexibility and arm strength. The evening session by Master Deepak was Dynamic. We were taught to demonstrate tough asana in a graceful manner. What are the preparatory warm ups before trying a tough asana were taught in a very systematic manner. How to sequence the asanas were explained with demonstrations. Deepak sir was very encouraging and never allowed us to give up. Surya Namaskar classes by Anand sir was challenging. He demonstrated the series in a detailed manner and helped us to perfect the series.   He gave personal attention while trying the series. Gurujis classes were very informative. He shared lot of his experiences while explaining asanas. How to approach an asana, and which asana targets which part of our body were explained with minute details. During theory classes we learnt much more than asanas, yoga and biology. We were taught about philosophy of life, how to improve on our lifestyle and living skills. Thanks to Dr. Kurunji maam for making the biology – human anatomy very simple and interesting. The notes she had prepared were very lucid. The sessions were very interactive. The one day teaching experience boosted our confidence in the subject. Aruna ma am s class of yoga and pranic anatomy was mind blowing. She enlightened us on the body parts invisible to a common man visible to yogis. She corrected our interpretation on yoga, asanas and pranayama along with mudhra. The test given by Aruna ma am was exorbident. It gave us an indepth understanding on the subject. “If you share happiness, you get love. If you share sorrow, you get mercy”, our favourite quote of Dr. Anjhana Maam. She gave us a deep insight on yoga and daily life, the sequencing of classes, design of a therapy. She briefed us on naturopathy. Her classes were mesmerizing and her words had a deep impact on our minds. She taught us how to scan a person and judge his/her mentality and ailments without any machine, but with the help of tri-doshas and gunas. We thank Annadurai sir for his detailed explanation on Pranayama and its benefits. While adhering to his methodology of doing pranayama, it was indeed unbelievable when we experienced kevala kumbaka for few seconds. He corrected our thoracic and abdominal muscle contraction and relaxation to perfection. Yoga classes were structured in such a way that all of us learnt with maximum utilization of time. It wasnot tiring. We express our gratitude Master Raju and Master Deepak for being very patient and supportive in phot shooting of our pictures for the certificate. The entire YTT team was very supportive and inculcated a strong bonding among all the students that the teachers and students interact as Sweet Family Members. Name: GAYATRI NARSIMHAN Course: 300HRS Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course - June 2015 Student ID: IYATT -2648
Student Id : 2015000105
Batch Code : 2015/05/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

This course delivered more than I ever expected was possible from a yoga teacher training program. I came with the intention of learning some advanced yoga postures to deepen my practice and a certification that would allow me to teach. I obviously left with these things but also so much more. I will take with me a sense that I can confidently embark on a journey to discover the centre and the limits of my body and mind and spirit. This is all due to the wonderful teachers. I have never before had the privilege to learn from masters as experienced as Raja and Deepak and Anand sirs. Despite their incredible talents — which far eclipse anything ive witnessed in the west — they were among the most grounded people I have ever met. This was a refreshing change from the ego-driven teaching styles of most teachers in the west. No matter the level of the student, they attended to each of us with such a deep level of attention and care that they allowed us to all attain our highest levels of practice. All their actions resonated love and  sincerity and devotion for the tenants of yoga. This was my main take away from the course: that by nurturing the same qualities within myself, with the same level of determination as the masters apply, I can one day provide a valuable teaching experience to students who are looking to yoga to end some stress in their life and find some happiness and well being. Aside from the practical side of asana, the theory was also a very valuable component of the course. It has allowed me to conceive the asana practice in a more holistic way which goes beyond just doing poses on the mat but to factor in concepts such as anatomy and the Ayurveda system of living. I now understand how I can adjust my lifestyle in order to extract the greatest benefits from my practice and generally exist more harmoniously with the world. Again, the teachers made all the difference. They transformed ancient and modern knowledge of the body and mind and soul — ordinarily quite difficult to understand — into an engaging and easy learning experience. The course is very professionally organised. Timetables are laid out well in advance and the friendly staff is always on hand to help with any queries you have or any assistance you may require. On the whole this course is the first-last-and-only stop for anyone who is serious about opening their lives up to the benefits of the yogic lifestyle. I look forward to coming back again to reconnect with these masters. Name: Mahesh Sharma Course: 200 hrs Advanced Hatha Id.No: IYATT -2677 Country: Australia
Student Id : 2015000600
Batch Code : 2015/06/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

What can you achieve at a family-oriented yoga school in 9 days? Andiappan Yoga School is not merely a center for acquiring skills in yoga asanas in therapeutic and anatomical approach but also a family to learn the yogic knowledge in daily interaction with all skillful masters and nice staff here.   The training maintains the traditions of Gurujis teaching and also in pace with the needs in modern world. In 9 days, my body is opened up a lot with regular and routine practice. My mind is cheered up with positive energy from the home made and authentic south Indian food. I express my appreciation towards all the masters and staff who made the arrangement for my smooth training in Chennai from pickup in airport to room and food arrangement. The practice with Master Raja is subtle and powerful.  Master Deepak is cheerful to get students to the asanas step by step. Master Kurunjimalar is equipped with anatomical knowledge and warm heart. I deeply express my gratitude to practice with Master Yogananth and Guruji. The training marks a highlight in my yoga journey. I am looking forward to continue my practice with Master Mahesh who extends his teaching in Anahata Yoga in Hong Kong. Namaste, Vicky Completed Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course - Intermediate - Advanced Level 2015  
Student Id : 100008403
Batch Code : 2014/09/200/PT/YTATT/HK/1

I stayed in this school for 3 weeks. During my stay the weather is perfect. No rain and not hot. I enjoyed this mild heat and chilly evening very much. Because of that morning and evening yoga classes were bliss. The teachers were varied which was good. I could learn from different types of teachers. Also I really enjoyed many activities: mud bath, leaf bath, natural food preparation,temple trip etc. Finally I have had a great time here because of people here; fantastic classmates, school staff, our mom(the cook), driver.. YUMI ISHIKAWA JAPAN 200 HOURS YOGA THERAPY TEACHER TRAINING COURSE COMPLETED ON FEB 2016
Student Id : 2016000095
Batch Code : 2016/02/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I had wonderful three weeks training at Andiappan Yoga College. Practical teachers were all knowledgeable, helpful and patient in explaining all asanas, Pranayamas and Kriyas. Theory sessions were also useful as the teachers had wide coverage of anatomy topics. Overall it was a very helpful and fun course. I would like to send my thanks to all teachers, course admins, chefs and everyone behind the scene who helped us and made this wonderful course. KAE YONEYAMA, JAPAN 200 HOURS YOGA THERAPY TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE COURSE – FEB 2016
Student Id : 2015000458
Batch Code : 2016/02/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I am grateful to everyone at the college especially the Yoga masters and of course Guruji. The admin staff were expecially helpful and I felt that good care was taken of me having travelled such a long way from home and my family. The food was healthy and I felt very clean internally by the end of the month. The accommodations were excellent standard. For me the course I attended here is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to: ~ stress test me AND my existing Yoga knowledge which is heavily influenced by western masters ~ cross-check what I have learned already through formal training and private study to ensure that that I am not deluding myself, have not deviated and I am remaining true to authentic Yoga teachings ~ be somewhere that Indian people go to learn to teach Yoga ~ feel close to Yogas origins ~ be where asana takes its relative position as a small PART of Yoga and is not delivered as being ALL of Yoga {Remember, the GOAL of Asana IS Yoga or union } ~ satisfy my interest to learn more about the curative effects of asana ~ find out more about how to use Yoga to help those that want to free themselves from mental and physical suffering. ~ acquire new knowledge that over time will help me better serve the practitioners that choose to come to my classes All this was achieved with your help. Thank you all very much indeed; I wish ye all health and happiness. Patricia Thomas Jersey, Channel Islands Course: 300hrs  Yoga Therapy (Oct 1, 2015 - Oct 26, 2015) IYATT NO: IYATT - 2748
Student Id : 2015000987
Batch Code : 2015/10/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

A great thank you to Masters Raja, Deepak, Shyam, & Anand for their teaching and patience. I have learnt a great deals from them. I hope to use what i learnt here and applied in my future teachings. Also thanks to Aruna for her help in all my arrangement to come to India and the day trip around town. Dr.Kurunji, thanks for your help in the class and also your theory class. Will remember the lesson learnt. NAME: JOYCE CHEAH YIM WAH COURSE : 200 HRS HATHA ID.NO: IYATT 2714 COUNTRY : AUSTRALIA
Student Id : 2015000738
Batch Code : 2015/08/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

I completed my 200 hour Hatha Yoga training in 2014 here and chose to come back for my 300 hour Yoga Therapy training which I completed in February (2016).  I had positive experience both times and I would highly recommend the courses here. The yoga instructors (for practicals) were excellent, quite knowledgeable, well prepared and thorough in their instructions.  They were respectful and eager to assist students as needed. Additionally, they assured us that we could contact them anytime in the future if we have any questions on yoga. The instructors for theory classes (anatomy, physiology and ayurveda) were well prepared and the presentations were informative, engaging and relevant to the course. The classes with Guruji was a bonus.  We enjoyed his classes discussing the meaning of yoga, specific Thirukkurals, verses from Thirumandhiram, dhoshas and koshas.  He also shared interesting lessons he learned from his personal stories.  We had a lot of engaging and energizing conversations with Guruji. The administrative staff were quite cordial and helpful. Additionally, as part of practical classes for naturopathy, we enjoyed leaf bath, mud bath, oil bath and natural food preparation.  I believe that all these experiences make the course unique. Last, but not least, though I was not a residential student, I was provided accommodation to rest between the classes during the day throughout the session which made my course more enjoyable and I appreciate it very much. Namaste Deavaki Keymore United States Completed 300 Hrs Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course 01st Feb - 2016 To 26th Feb 2016
Student Id : 2014003288
Batch Code : 2014/07/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I am very happy that I took this course. It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have had many breakthrough in my asana abilities. The teachers have all been very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you for this life changing experience. I wish the school the very best. BRINDA VAN DEN BERG 300 HOURS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED LEVEL)
Student Id : 2016000271
Batch Code : 2016/04/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I have had the great pleasure of doing my 200hrs Hatha yoga TTC at  Guruji Asana Andiappans yoga School Asana Class : Master Raja is an outstanding teacher helping all to explore the gift of yoga. In a class where student skills range from basic to intermediate to advanced , He clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs without compromising high standards of practice and discipline, Exemplifies yoga principles of respect, steadfastness and deep commitment to personal practice.  Yoga Philosophy :  Annadurai  is an encyclopedia of yoga philosophy. Highly skilled , perceptive and empathetic teacher. He can teach you the depth and breath within  yoga.His class is full of grace and humor. Thank you, Vidya Reddy
Student Id : 2016000805
Batch Code : 2016/10/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

Thank you all my teachers for your good energy and for giving the best of you during these 45 days. I feel that I was lucky to practice with you; my body has opened and I have learned a lot. Thank you also Guruji, being the base of all. And please note that I really enjoyed the vegetarian food; was very well cooked. Namaste Thank you MS.ALKATERINI TSOUKALA Athens, Greece. 500hrs Completed Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course 1st NOVEMBER 1 – 14th DEC 2016
Student Id : 2016000849
Batch Code : 2016/11/500/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

Very good and well balanced teacher training with theory, practical, food preparation and baths. Very special thanks and gratefulness to all the dedicated teachers (Guruji, Yogananth, Poojitha, Raja, Dileep, Ezhili, Rajadurai, Annadurai, Priyanka, Anjhana) – very skilful, understanding and helpful teachers under any circumstances (changing money, problems of any kind) have always an open ear. Very good syllabus. All are teaching with a skilful mind and focussed. Subject in great depths. Repetition/ revision of some classes was very helpful. MS.CHRISTIANE,Germany 500 HOURS Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course NOVEMBER 1 – DEC14 2016
Student Id : 2016000840
Batch Code : 2016/11/500/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

I opted for 200 hours of Hatha teacher training course (intermediate to advanced level). The syllabus is very neatly structured. 30 Basic asanas plus the advanced variations of each asanas were taught (3-4 variations for each asana). We had a few sessions taken by Guruji himself. He explained about good food habits, dos and donts while practicing Yoga. He also took a session on Pranayama. It was so grateful to be a part of his session. Such a down to earth person. Practical session (morning and evening) was taken care by Master Raja. He trained everyone in such a way that, the individual is not injured in any way while doing the asanas. For each body type, different variations were suggested by him. Different techniques and variations made the practice easy and understandable. Many thanks! Thanks to Poojitha mam for the anatomy and naturopathy class. We had a self-preparatory session to make out own healthy diet food. It was very interesting and good teamwork. Thanks to other faculties - Ms. Ezhili, Prakash sir, Annadurai sir, Rajadurai sir for making each theory sessions interesting. Apart from asanas we also had practical sessions on Kriyas (by master Raja), mud bath and leaf bath (by Ms.Ezhili). It was really a different experience and made us aware of the possible treatments which can be done naturally at home. Though I had taken 200 hours of non-residential teacher training course, they were so grateful to provide us room to take rest after lunch (1-4). Due to personal reasons, I could not opt for 300/500 hours of course, but I would come back in future to learn more and make myself well versed in all asanas. Thank you once again for the wonderful experience. Vanakkam Student Id: IYATT - 3319 Student Name: ANITHA .G 200 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (November 2017  Batch) Course Location: Andiappan Yoga, Chennai, India
Student Id : 2017000913
Batch Code : 2017/11/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

During my stay at the Andiappan Yoga School, I must say that my experience was quite amazing, from the practical classes in the morning taught by Master Raja and the theory classes taught by very knowledgeable teachers. As this was my first time to India, I was a little nervous about how the logistics, however, the driver was there with my name waiting for me as I arrived at 2 AM which I am very grateful for. As the days moved on the rhythm was much smoother locating where the class would take place or if a teacher would not be able to make it. They say that it is not only the place that makes the memories everlasting, it is the spirit of the people who make it unforgettable. Every interaction I had with the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Andiappan Yoga School and the students has been an unforgettable experience for me, and I would defiantly recommend the school to my fellow teachers/students who would like to experience Yoga in India.
Student Id : 2017000909
Batch Code : 2017/11/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

It was a wonderful experience for learning the yoga course at Andiappan Yoga Centre.The practical class & the theory class are very structured and the teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable. I am so blessed to get trained here and receive the certificate from Asana Andiappan Yoga School. Heartfelt thanks to all the staffs of Andiappan Yoga.   Namaste Ruchi Gupta Student Id: IYATT - 3246 Student Name: RUCHI GUPTA 200 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate-Advanced Level) Course Date: 21 - 08 - 2017 To 07 - 09 - 2017
Student Id : 2017000453
Batch Code : 2017/08/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I am Rani Senthil. initially, I came here to join only Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course, but after attending all your classes, both theory and practicals, I myself changed my interest to join for therapy. All your classes are very motivational, inspiring and lively too. Especially, I will miss Raja sir class, who trained me all these days. Even all other staffs also, they are all excellent in their own ways. And big thanks to Yogananth sir as well. I attended his 10 days class which was very useful and informative. Regards, Rani Senthil. Student Id: IYATT - 3235 Student Name: RANI SENTHIL 300 Hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course Course Date: 19 - 08 - 2017  To 13 - 09 - 2017
Student Id : 2017000494
Batch Code : 2017/07/200/PT/IHYTINR/IN/1

My Name is Vanisri. I have studied M.Sc. in Yoga at Andiappan Yoga School. I had joined the 500 hrs Hatha yoga teacher training course here. It was a very nice learning experience for me. All the teachers especially Master Raja is an excellent trainer and is teaching very well. Theory parts of yoga covered were also very interesting and informative. Thank you. Regards, Student Name: VANISRI VASANTHKUMAR, 300 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 19 - 05 - 2017  To 14 - 06 - 2017  
Student Id : 2017000287
Batch Code : 2017/05/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I had a very good experience at the 200-hour intensive yoga therapy teachers training course. There was a good balance of theory and Practicals. I really enjoyed every bit of the course.  All the baths (banana leaf and mud bath) we re interesting and healing for my body.  The practice of Kriyas was a nice experience. On the whole, a wonderful experience. All the faculty was really knowledgeable and good in teaching. Many thanks to Asana Andiappan yoga college for giving me this wonderful learning opportunity. Thanks, and Regards Student Name: Shobana Jeyakumar From: Chennai 200 Hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course Course June Batch: 01 - 07 - 2017 To 18 - 07 - 2017  
Student Id : 2017000441
Batch Code : 2017/07/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

I am very proud that I have completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training successfully in ASANA ANDIAPPAN college of Yoga and Research center. I got good learning experience there and gained more knowledge of yoga. Few classes were taken by Guruji itself he explained teaching ethics, good food habits dos and donts while practicing yoga. Our practical session was taken Master RAJA.  He trained each and every one very well. He thought us different techniques and variations if different poses. My sincere and special thanks to RAJA sir. I also thank Dr.POOJITHA, M/S. EZHIL, Master PRAKASH, Master ANNADURAI and RAJADURAI sir for sharing their knowledge in yoga with us. Thank u once again for giving us the wonderful experience. Student Id: IYATT - 3360 Student Name: PRIYA SIVAKUMAR 200 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate-Advanced Level) Course Date: 01 - 12 - 2017  To 18 - 12 - 2017
Student Id : 2017001004
Batch Code : 2017/12/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I have completed my RYT200 hours of Hatha Yoga training with the guidance of experienced and professional Andiappan yoga teachers. I would like to thank each and every staff who are very knowledgeable and experienced in their syllabus. Felt highly esteemed to listen to the classes of GurujiAndiappan sir, who has been my inspiration to do Yoga from my childhood days. The transition from the basics to the advanced subjects was made tranquil by the techniques followed by our faculties. The special care is taken by Raja sir to each and every student by knowing their positive and negative sides assisted in gaining a great insight into every Asanas learned. Every minute of his class sounded useful and helpful in growing myself and to understand about Asanas and its effect on the Human body. Also would like to thanks, Dr. Poojitha and Master Prakash for giving a more meaningful way to include Yoga in our daily life. Finally, I thank Master Ezhili for the thorough clarification she provided from helping me to select the course, until the day of course completion. And assisting me to try the natural baths and helping the students whenever needed without any hesitation. This center was with a friendly atmosphere and homelike care which made me learn with a joyous mind. Student Id: IYATT - 3320 Student Name: RANJANI.R 200 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 01 - 11 - 2017 To 18 - 11 - 2017
Student Id : 2017000914
Batch Code : 2017/11/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I really had a wonderful time with Asana Andiyappan School for the past  45 days. I have chosen 500 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course. The journey for really amazing. Mater Raja & Rajadurai was the best I had.  Personally, I would like to thank for Guruji. Dr Asana Andiyappan for giving me an opportunity to study here. And thank you Master Prakesh, Ezhili , Dr Gowri , Master Vishnu , Dr Jayapoornima and Master Anand for all your teachings. I have learned to practice and teach many things about hatha yoga, Anatomy, Chakras, Natural therapies and Kriya. Thank you all. SRIRAM ANANTHAN Completed Student Name: SRIRAM ANANTHAN 300 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course ( Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 19 - 03 - 2018  To 14 - 04 - 2018  
Student Id : 2018000248
Batch Code : 2018/03/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

It was a great opportunity for me to have completed 500hours RYT at Asana Andiappan Yoga. I have learned many things on Asana, anatomy, naturopathy, alignment, yogic diet and literature. Thanks to master Raja who is extremely good in training his students; master rajadurai, master Prakash, ms.ezhili,mr.annadurai,dr.gowri,dr.jeyapoornima for their knowledge and continuous support. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants learn about yoga for a beginner like me. Student Name: MOHANA DEVI , PALANISAMY, Malaysia Completed  300 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course ( Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 19 - 02 - 2018  To 16 - 03 - 2018
Student Id : 2018000170
Batch Code :

The course was absolutely a wonderful learning experience and very useful for my yoga practice. Ezhili, Gomathi, and the whole team were so helpful in making sure everything went smooth and all the teachers are good and experienced.. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. Student Name: RADHA LAKSHMI .VR  Completed 200 Hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course  Course Date: 02 - 04 - 2018  To 19 - 04 - 2018  
Student Id : 2018000236
Batch Code : 2018/04/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

Hello, I m very satisfied with my experience. All staff was very helpful and friendly. I m so thankful to the staff for their patience and kindness. Practicals by Raja master was excellent. He made all-out efforts in teaching us as many postures as he can. I was very much motivated by his enthusiasm which makes me attempt further 300 hours. Though very short, master Rajadurai impressed me with his simple technics of asana practices. As well as the Anatomy teacher Dr.Gowri, she was very knowledgeable and helpful. All faculties were really good. Looking forward to coming back someday. Thank you so much to all. Sincerely,  Student Name: OKSANA TARASENKO, USA 200 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate - Advanced Level Course Date: 02 - 04 - 2018  To 19 - 04 - 2018
Student Id : 2018000356
Batch Code : 2018/04/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

I would like to thank all the masters and teachers for the last one and half month s thorough and well-organized training. The materials were very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I am one of the lucky ones who got the chance to attend 500 hrs of training. The practical training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment and day. The fact is almost every one of us in the group had a good rapport and this helped the learning process more fun-filled. Special thanks to Master Raja, Gowri and all the staff of Andiappan Yoga College. A.V. ROSHNI DURKA 500 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course   (Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 1 - 07 - 2018  To 14 - 08 - 2018 
Student Id : 2018000697
Batch Code : 2018/07/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/2

Yoga as a way of life – a reality I have been practicing yoga for on and off for three years to find a calm centre. The Krishnamacharya school of yoga derived from TKV Desikachar as taught by my Guru Ravishankar gave me that with Gentle yoga and Vedic chanting. The sessions appealed to me as it allowed me to grow at my own pace and let my body heal and kind of stay calm. Having had a hip surgery and intense physiotherapy post the surgery, I almost felt a new lease on life when I found I could do Asanas. I lead an active life, walking everywhere while in the US , climbing trekking, and even zip lining and tree climbing. When I signed up for the Teacher training course here at Asana Andiappan School of Yoga, I was a little intimidated. The two motives for joining were to find out my limits when it came to Hatha Yoga and to spend some fruitful time with my friend for life from school days Sarayu. In fact, I initially signed up for just 100 hours and with the encouragement of Ms.Gomathi extended it to the 200-hour course. Within the first three days, I realised that I enjoyed the classes immensely but the yoga therapy was more appealing. The fact that I myself am still grappling with chronic neck pain, stiff hamstrings and lower back pain that inhibits my attempts to work on extremely stretching pose made it more relevant to me. Secondly, my goal to help middle-class women of menopausal age to get into light gentle yoga and some basic fitness would also be better served if I could also educate myself in therapeutic yoga and naturopathy, it would be of help. The shift was the best decision under the circumstances. The one-on-one learning in the small class, the invigorating morning Yoga, and all the other inputs made me enjoy the best of all the gurus and their knowledge. I have been impressed by the dedication, gentle firmness and expert guidance by all the teachers – Master Raja sir who inspires with his confidence in each of us in the class to reach a personal goal, Master Ezhili who emanates a calmness that gives us a grounding in aspects of yogic learning, the enthusiasm of Annandurai sir that is infectious, the calm and gentle & work to your comfort; approach of Rajadurai sir, the focus and commitment of Dr.Gowri - as they took us all on a journey into a yogic way of life. The diverse teachers for the therapy classes -Prakash sir with his practical approach, Chamu madam with her down to earth approach, Priyanka with her empathetic style of demonstration, and Dr. Gowri with her experience in combining yoga, naturopathy, Siddha and other Ayurvedic approaches – ensured that we gained an insight into yoga based therapy in a holistic manner. The design of the course that included, theory, intense practice, fun activities and practical committed teaching methods taught by faculty who were obviously practicing what they preached made it a credible experience. The flow and grace, sequence and pattern, warm-ups and preparatory poses and movements, the ordering of asanas for the optimal benefits for us and our own teaching training has slowly but surely drawn me and my classmates into the Gurus vision of a Yogic existence. The classes were an eclectic mix of theory and practice with real-life examples and experiences playing a crucial part in creating the right learning environment. The assignments while they appeared tough as they were outlined, made us introspect, analyse and think independently on aspects of teaching Yoga. They challenged us but strengthened our knowledge base and understanding. Int rue Guru-Sishya tradition, the young faculty were more like friends on this journey fellow travelers who lent us a helping hand when we faltered. The group learning enhanced the learning, individual internalizing of the various styles and methods of teaching Yoga to diverse groups of students, and gives a clear picture of our future journeys The group take away would be ? listen to everyone, each has a story to tell ? learn from others, everyone has a strength ? observe and learn even if you cant do ? be there for others, they will be there for you ? enjoy the activity, the learning and the knowledge will flow ? engage with everyone alone and together to draw energy ? friendship and camaraderie goes a long way in propping up your energy and stamina ? life is too short to dwell on negatives ? send put positive and in turn positive reaches out to you ? be noble and the nobility in others will rise to meet yours I must mention here that we were fortunate in our batch to have a wonderful mix of young and old, each with a unique approach and goal but with open minded acceptance of the mixed group and learning styles. We bonded over groaning muscles, achieved postures, happy asanas, amazing food, crazy jokes, languages, and lives sharing our experiences and expectations alike I can say for sure that we have all become part of the AA family for life and friends for life. My personal takeaways from this course have been ? the healthy diet, healthy mind, healthy body is a basic requirement ? a lifestyle transformation to ensure that I stay focused and committed ? the sense of self-esteem that I can achieve “sthiram sukham asana” ? not to push my body until it is ready ? listen to your body and your inner voice ? try to practice the Ashtanga Yoga in small ways ? find your center, find your voice, find your comfort ? draw energy from the elements, the peers and the positive vibes around you ? stay tuned to the rhythms of the universe ? align with the harmony of nature and creation ? the confidence that I control my mind, my body, and my life Today as we reach the goal of 200 hours and three weeks of learning to be teachers of Yoga, we embrace not just practice and perfection in theory and practice of Yoga and Asanas, Doshas, Kriyas, Pranayama but also the way of life that is filled with Santha, Ahimsa, and Ananda. Be it to help others in pain or emotional distress, or to guide young and old in their Yoga journey we are confident today that we can bring an extra element to their lives. As I embark on the next phase of my journey in Yoga, I feel inspired and secure in the knowledge that I can make a difference in someones life. Albeit in a small way. If I can touch even one life in a positive way, I would say I am successful in embracing Yoga as a way of life. Thank you Guruji Andiappans and all the staff of this School for a wonderful experience. Uma Vangal Shivakumar, USA  
Student Id : 2018000813
Batch Code : 2018/08/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

I have completed the HATHA Yoga 500 hours program at Andiappan Yoga School.             I have earned a strong and stable foundation in the field of yoga. The teachers individual care and concern to each student definitely has made me more confident to teach others. I came to know how to enjoy our tight schedule and how to keep ourselves healthy. I have been trained dynamically by various Masters and I really enjoyed Master Maharajan, he was a great teacher to me. And by all the other theory classes, I came to know more information and acquired more knowledge in this field. It was my pleasure doing this course in this institute and hopefully, I would like to succeed in this field in future. Thank you. Student Id:  IYATT -  3528 Name: B.C. SHRUTI SRI 300 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate-Advanced Level )  Course Date: 25 - 06 - 2018  To 31 - 07 - 2018
Student Id : 2018000606
Batch Code : 2018/08/500/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/2

I have studied Post Graduate diploma at Andiappan Yoga School before and I have just completed 500 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course  (Intermediate-Advanced Level) course and it was an eye-opening experience for me. The teachers are excellent. I really enjoyed the yoga practical classes. All the yoga masters teaching with full dedication is amazing. I learned a lot of new practice and teaching techniques here. Thank you for all the faculties and our Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan for this amazing yoga journey. Student Id:  IYATT - 3525 Name:  PRADHAP. K 500 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate - Advanced Level)
Student Id : 2018000588
Batch Code : 2018/06/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I would like to thank all the masters and teachers for the last one and half month s thorough and well-organized training. The materials were very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I am one of the lucky ones who got the chance to attend 500 hrs of training. The practical training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment and day. The fact is almost every one of us in the group had a good rapport and this helped the learning process more fun-filled. Special thanks to Master Raja, Gowri and all the staff of Andiappan Yoga College. A.V. ROSHNI DURKA 500 Hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course   (Intermediate-Advanced Level ) Course Date: 1 - 07 - 2018  To 14 - 08 - 2018 
Student Id : 2018000697
Batch Code : 2018/07/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/2

I would like to thank all the faculties for giving their best,practicals by Raja master was excellent,i had a wonderful time with asana andiappan college.i will have a unforgettable learning experience i feel so happy that i have completed 300 hrs teacher training course in this reputed institution.
Student Id : 2018001028
Batch Code : 2018/09/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

Here I come for the second time...I never get bored with the classes. I’m learning new techniques and a new approach in the second visit. Newly added classes such as yoga alignment and pavanamuktasana series are fascinating and everyone knows the teaching spirit of Maharajan sir, Rajadurai sir, Prakash sir always elevated to the sky level. Each of them has their own style of teaching which delivers a different approach. Definitely, a thumb up teaching session which makes students attentive focused and enjoyed. Practical session by Dr Gowri , Dr Subashini and Ms Ezhili is equally delivered in a professional manner. I’m going back with a new spirit and hopefully, I will come back again to learn more. My learning journey will never stop here. Dr. Anussa Krishnan Malaysia
Student Id : 2016000838
Batch Code : 2018/09/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

I am satisfied with 300 Hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training conducted in Asana Andiappan College of Yoga. All the masters who trained us were Knowledgeable and gave their best. To mention about few teachers, Master Raja is very knowledgeable, good motivator and easily approachable. Master Rajadurai is good in explanations and alignment of the poses. Ms.Gowri’s class-Anatomy and Diseases were well explained. All teachers were always helpful in clearing our doubts.
Student Id : 2018001392
Batch Code : 2018/12/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

Student Id : 2018001394
Batch Code : 2018/12/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

The course proved to be extremely useful for me. I’m happy to have enrolled for the course and completed it this Dec 2018. There are few good aspects: • The practical sessions were very good • Both external and internal instructors were well prepared for the practical class • Therapy sessions especially with Prakash & Priyanka was very good.
Student Id : 2018001397
Batch Code : 2018/12/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

The course was intensive with a lot of knowledge sharing. I learnt a lot and it’s definitely given me more confidence to go out and teach. The instructors knew a lot in their field and took care to make sure that each and everyone of us understood their class. The only change in the course structure that I would have liked is if the Dosha class was in the beginning of the course and not end because the terms were used a lot in the rest of the classes and we didn’t have a full understanding. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to coming back for an advanced course.
Student Id : 2018001398
Batch Code : 2018/12/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

A very good experience in learning. Wide amount of knowledge was shared in all the sessions. All the teachers and masters gave us an excellent learning experience. The teaching methodology of the teachers itself is a learning for us to instruct our clients.
Student Id : 2019000005
Batch Code : 2019/01/300/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

Classes are really good,teaching is really nice. Making us understand everything which is needed. T
Student Id : 2018001148
Batch Code : 2018/10/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

Joining this 300 hours intensive yoga therapy teacher training course in India would be one of my best memories in life. All masters and teachers are very knowledgable and they are all passionate about yoga. They encourage us to think instead of just sit and listen to what they know about yoga, it is a good way to have a deeper understanding of what yoga means to us. Besides regular classes, we went to beach yoga and had oil bath, these experiences were just icing on the cake! I enjoy the time here at Asana Andiappan College and would definitely recommend those who are interested in learning yoga to come.
Student Id : 2018000499
Batch Code : 2019/04/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1

To All the yoga enthusiasts out there, Yoga teacher training in Andiappan yoga center has been a great Eye opener for me as a yoga practitioner. I have been inspired by guruji Andiappan since my childhood and that has driven to make so many others get inspired through the footsteps of him. I have loved each and every day of this class. Right from the Practical classes conducted by Master Raja to the theory classes on anatomy and pranic healing conducted by Dr. Gowri and Ar. Ezhili. Master Prakash, Master Rajadurai, and Master Vaishnav have also done a great job in making us understand yoga in a deeper level from a layman's point of view. I’m proud to be a part of this institution and its mission to spread yoga and health throughout the world. Throughout the course, there has only been positivity and encouragement given both by our teachers and other yoga students. I hope to be a good yoga teacher and hope to take home all the skills that were taught and practice it well throughout my life. Thanking each and everyone for this amazing opportunity.
Student Id : 2019000540
Batch Code : 2019/04/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I loved the teacher training program. My teacher is a student of yours so I was familiar with the Andiappan approach and the Hatha classes were exactly as expected but better. I was surprised that there was a different level of student (beginners and advanced) but it was actually a good thing to be able to learn how to explain and adjust student that are not as used to asana practice than me. So it's interesting. Master Raja’s knowledge and creativity are endless but I’m sure you knew it. Ms.Ezhili was very good for the history/koshas/etc. I really liked her approach. Mr.Prakash was very interesting his point of view and method different from Andiappan and its very interesting, I really enjoyed the sutras and vinyasa karma yoga course. Mr.Andiappan is one of the kind, I loved his classes even though sometimes it's not easy to distinguish from the English/Sanskrit/Tamil/chanting but that’s actually the beauty of it. The children yoga class was super I highly recommend to include it in the program. Ms.Priyanka was also very good and knowledge but I only had one class with her. The naturopathy food was also very interesting I’d keep it too. Ms.Gomathi and her family were great very helpful and friendly working a lot. I enjoyed living near them. So it has been a super experience, I wish I could stay for 500 hours. Maybe in the new campus who knows. All the best wishes! LIDIA IYATT-3903
Student Id : 2019000703
Batch Code : 2019/05/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

First, i would like to extend my thanks to our wonderful Raja master. Sir, You are so professional and your classes are so organized. Enjoyed your classes so much. Thank you for your guidance sir.
Student Id : 2019000864
Batch Code : 2019/06/300/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

Namaste to Asana Andiappan college & research center, It is and always will be a wonderful experience I had with all teachers and classmates who expressed respect and utmost knowledge with pure passion in what they have delivered to me as an individual. I feel I have learned so much more after this course regarding anatomy which is an integral part of teaching yoga to my students in the coming times to come guided by Miss. Gowri. Mr. Prakash who has given his knowledge regarding how to align and why it is important for a yogi, the delivery of his theoretical knowledge was just soo deep and spiritual which is what I was looking for. Miss. Ezhili way of conducting our pranayama session was so uplifting and wonderful her storytelling skills about the great Maharishis of our times and her theoretical explanations were also so uplifting. Mr. Annadurai sir well I am guessing everyone knows for me it was a magnificent experience to be in presence of such powerful energy felt as if a very old soul with Siddhis was sitting in front of us with the innocence of childlike feel was most attractive and his glow is unforgettable
Student Id : 2019000866
Batch Code : 2019/06/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

I'll like to say that I'm really happy to have chosen your school for my training because I learned so much, mostly about asanas. My body has started to change, I developed a better motor control and I have to say that YOU have been the best yoga teacher I've ever met till now. So thank you really much for your classes and to share your knowledge. Another very good profesional is Mr.Prakash, he has deep knowledge, knows how to teach and I learned so much with him. He always was willing to give tips about different topics, share books, documents, and all his classes were really interesting. Apart from that, I have to say that my feedback is only for a constructive purpose and improving. Mr. Ezhili's classes were very interesting, all topic related to yoga, or yoga techniques, Mr. Annadurai is a very nice person, full of energy,
Student Id : 2019000865
Batch Code : 2019/06/300/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1

It has been a wonderful experience with a lot of learning theory and practical. The teachers are very knowledgeable and extremely kind and helpful in regards to any doubts our the entire course programme is well thought out and shall cleared Master Raja has been extremely patient and helpful and shared his immense knowledge with us. Master Iyappan to has been a good friend and very helpful Mr.Prakash classes have been enlightening and made us realise how small changes in posture go a long may and helps in all asanas Thanks to Mr.Annadurai Dr.Gowri & Ezhili Mam they have bben most generous and patient with us too It has been a memory for a life time I thank you for all the knowledge shared MRIDULA
Student Id : 2019001039
Batch Code : 2019/07/200/FT/IHYTINR/IN/1

It was truly remarkable experience taking yoga training at Asana Andiapan College of Yoga & Research Centre. The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at Asana Andiapan College of Yoga & Research Centre is life-changing. We had a good environment with adequate facilities. The centre provided a relaxed & caring atmosphere.The posters of Dr.Yogananth Andiappan on the walls were awesome and inspirational. My Special thanks to a very sincere and dedicated personality Raja master. The dedication and sincerity in his teaching has been an inspiration for me to deepen my practice further. Great that we learned adjustments and we could practice it, he is a very respectable yoga master, and meanwhile a very humble and honest human being. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of him. So I gained enormous by intellectually, spiritually and emotionally over the two weeks. He is known for his professionalism. Our institute should feel proud to have him as master. He used to say about his Guru Dr.Yogananth Andiappan often which shows his attitude towards his teacher. Annadurai sir is very experience, professional, knowledgeable and compassion. I was inspired and motivated by his passion to yoga. I am really proud to be his student. He is contented with everything. He is an encyclopedia in yogic science. Still I could remember his smile when he uses the word yoga. The way he expressed the content, made us to love yogic science.He created affinity towards yoga I express my sincere Thanks to Ayyappan master. If not for him there it would have been very difficult for me in the training hours. Not only have I learnt the yoga demonstration and teaching techniques but also the yoga philosophy which has really impact my daily life from him. If he was not there it would be difficult for me & the other seniors. He corrected and assisted us in all the days of training. My sincere Thanks to Ezhili mam. She is born teacher in content, tone, voice, flow & body language.I admired her a lot. Being a teacher I appreciate her classes and the way of teaching using black board. She constantly made all of us aware all the time with her quality teaching. A student never feels lost by all of the new knowledge they are gaining. This can be achieved with her teaching I extend my sincere gratitude to Prakash master. He is excellent in scientific approach to yoga. He has given us lot of additional informations. He infused us with lot of motivation My sincere thanks to Gowri mam. Her slides were well prepared and excellent. She is students friendly & very frank with her views. I loved the way she repeated the class without any hesitation. It was awesome. My sincere Thanks to Ms Gomati for all her technical support, friendly approach
Student Id : 2019001212
Batch Code : 2019/07/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

I liked the class overall I would strongly recommend this training for others too thank you for this wonderful opportunity
Student Id : 2019001407
Batch Code : 2019/09/200/FT/IYTTCNR/IN/1

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