Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Weekend Classes Sat and Sunday - On-site

Course Feedback

Teachings in yoga center helped me in asana practice. It have positive impact because it constantly to become more sensitive, more conscious, more awareness of myself – not just body also the mind, feelings and my very nature. The real value of asana practice is that it can teach us to tune in and truly feel. As my sensitivity increases, life becomes richer, awareness mauls me clearer. I feel become more effective in all my actions and my presence begin to inspire and bring out the best in me. Namaste N.P.Naveen Kumar IYATT-1709 Course: 100 hrs Intensive Hath Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course (Basic - Intermediate level)
Student Id : 2014002913
Batch Code : 2014/06/100/FT/IHYTBR/IN/2
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India