Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Weekend Classes Sat and Sunday - On-site

Course Feedback

This course delivered more than I ever expected was possible from a yoga teacher training program. I came with the intention of learning some advanced yoga postures to deepen my practice and a certification that would allow me to teach. I obviously left with these things but also so much more. I will take with me a sense that I can confidently embark on a journey to discover the centre and the limits of my body and mind and spirit. This is all due to the wonderful teachers. I have never before had the privilege to learn from masters as experienced as Raja and Deepak and Anand sirs. Despite their incredible talents — which far eclipse anything ive witnessed in the west — they were among the most grounded people I have ever met. This was a refreshing change from the ego-driven teaching styles of most teachers in the west. No matter the level of the student, they attended to each of us with such a deep level of attention and care that they allowed us to all attain our highest levels of practice. All their actions resonated love and  sincerity and devotion for the tenants of yoga. This was my main take away from the course: that by nurturing the same qualities within myself, with the same level of determination as the masters apply, I can one day provide a valuable teaching experience to students who are looking to yoga to end some stress in their life and find some happiness and well being. Aside from the practical side of asana, the theory was also a very valuable component of the course. It has allowed me to conceive the asana practice in a more holistic way which goes beyond just doing poses on the mat but to factor in concepts such as anatomy and the Ayurveda system of living. I now understand how I can adjust my lifestyle in order to extract the greatest benefits from my practice and generally exist more harmoniously with the world. Again, the teachers made all the difference. They transformed ancient and modern knowledge of the body and mind and soul — ordinarily quite difficult to understand — into an engaging and easy learning experience. The course is very professionally organised. Timetables are laid out well in advance and the friendly staff is always on hand to help with any queries you have or any assistance you may require. On the whole this course is the first-last-and-only stop for anyone who is serious about opening their lives up to the benefits of the yogic lifestyle. I look forward to coming back again to reconnect with these masters. Name: Mahesh Sharma Course: 200 hrs Advanced Hatha Id.No: IYATT -2677 Country: Australia
Student Id : 2015000600
Batch Code : 2015/06/200/FT/IHYTIR/IN/1
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India