Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Weekend Classes Sat and Sunday - On-site

Course Feedback

              One month journey in yoga teachers training with Andiappan yoga Institute was amazing. As soon as we stood there for inquiring about the teachers training, we were given with lot of details by the office administration. They were very patient in handling our queries and very systematic in handling over the materials required for the training programme upon our enrollment. We still reckon that warm smiling welcome. Our day training would begin with Master Rajas class. He was well planned and well organized as to what to take in the class every day. He was very patient in the handling us during Kriya sessions. He explained us the benefit of every asana in depth. Thank you so much sir for improving our flexibility and arm strength. The evening session by Master Deepak was Dynamic. We were taught to demonstrate tough asana in a graceful manner. What are the preparatory warm ups before trying a tough asana were taught in a very systematic manner. How to sequence the asanas were explained with demonstrations. Deepak sir was very encouraging and never allowed us to give up. Surya Namaskar classes by Anand sir was challenging. He demonstrated the series in a detailed manner and helped us to perfect the series.   He gave personal attention while trying the series. Gurujis classes were very informative. He shared lot of his experiences while explaining asanas. How to approach an asana, and which asana targets which part of our body were explained with minute details. During theory classes we learnt much more than asanas, yoga and biology. We were taught about philosophy of life, how to improve on our lifestyle and living skills. Thanks to Dr. Kurunji maam for making the biology – human anatomy very simple and interesting. The notes she had prepared were very lucid. The sessions were very interactive. The one day teaching experience boosted our confidence in the subject. Aruna ma am s class of yoga and pranic anatomy was mind blowing. She enlightened us on the body parts invisible to a common man visible to yogis. She corrected our interpretation on yoga, asanas and pranayama along with mudhra. The test given by Aruna ma am was exorbident. It gave us an indepth understanding on the subject. “If you share happiness, you get love. If you share sorrow, you get mercy”, our favourite quote of Dr. Anjhana Maam. She gave us a deep insight on yoga and daily life, the sequencing of classes, design of a therapy. She briefed us on naturopathy. Her classes were mesmerizing and her words had a deep impact on our minds. She taught us how to scan a person and judge his/her mentality and ailments without any machine, but with the help of tri-doshas and gunas. We thank Annadurai sir for his detailed explanation on Pranayama and its benefits. While adhering to his methodology of doing pranayama, it was indeed unbelievable when we experienced kevala kumbaka for few seconds. He corrected our thoracic and abdominal muscle contraction and relaxation to perfection. Yoga classes were structured in such a way that all of us learnt with maximum utilization of time. It wasnot tiring. We express our gratitude Master Raju and Master Deepak for being very patient and supportive in phot shooting of our pictures for the certificate. The entire YTT team was very supportive and inculcated a strong bonding among all the students that the teachers and students interact as Sweet Family Members. Name: GAYATRI NARSIMHAN Course: 300HRS Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course - June 2015 Student ID: IYATT -2648
Student Id : 2015000105
Batch Code : 2015/05/300/FT/IYTTCR/IN/1
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India