Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Weekend Classes Sat and Sunday - On-site

Course Feedback

For me, this experience was a total challenge in my life in all aspects food, language, surrounding people. The training was well put to hatha well executed and got me the confidence to walk away as a yoga instructor. The experience has open my mind to every aspect of yoga taught and allowed me to see myself in a new and improved light. The training was a mind and heart opening experience. It was a competitive yoga course with teachers who also like friends. The Course was challenging at times but definitely pursued me to my full potential. I really enjoyed each of the trainers unique style. Thank you all for your teachings Mihaela Jipa Romania Completed  200hrs Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course - (Intermediate - Advanced Level) - Jan 2015
Student Id : 2014003359
Batch Code : 2015/01/200/FT/IHYTBR/IN/1
Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India