Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Weekend Classes Sat and Sunday - On-site

Course Feedback

My learning experience at the Andiappan Yoga Centre was really positive. Ive felt very comfortable in every class, Ive really enjoyed all of them, and they were very interesting and stimulating. Each and every teacher is high experienced and knowledgeable, their teachings are precise and clear. Especially Ms. Anjaladevi has given me very important and valuable knowledge about yoga therapy practice, very useful to me. And the morning yoga classes with Guruji have given me a strong experience of discipline and persistence. Even though I stayed for a short period, Ive learnt a lot, and now I feel much more secure about my practice as a teacher (as a yogini too), and Ill continue my studies and practice with more enthusiasm than ever. Iam really grateful for this unique opportunity, I want to thanks Guruji Asana Andiappan and all the people that make this kind of learning experience possible. In my next visit to India Ill come back for more classes! Lucila Belmonte Argentina Completed Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course – Feb 2013  
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Accredited School : Andiappan Yoga, India