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It was truly remarkable experience taking yoga training at Asana Andiapan College of Yoga & Research Centre. The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at Asana Andiapan College of Yoga & Research Centre is life-changing. We had a good environment with adequate facilities. The centre provided a relaxed & caring atmosphere.The posters of Dr.Yogananth Andiappan on the walls were awesome and inspirational. My Special thanks to a very sincere and dedicated personality Raja master. The dedication and sincerity in his teaching has been an inspiration for me to deepen my practice further. Great that we learned adjustments and we could practice it, he is a very respectable yoga master, and meanwhile a very humble and honest human being. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of him. So I gained enormous by intellectually, spiritually and emotionally over the two weeks. He is known for his professionalism. Our institute should feel proud to have him as master. He used to say about his Guru Dr.Yogananth Andiappan often which shows his attitude towards his teacher. Annadurai sir is very experience, professional, knowledgeable and compassion. I was inspired and motivated by his passion to yoga. I am really proud to be his student. He is contented with everything. He is an encyclopedia in yogic science. Still I could remember his smile when he uses the word yoga. The way he expressed the content, made us to love yogic science.He created affinity towards yoga I express my sincere Thanks to Ayyappan master. If not for him there it would have been very difficult for me in the training hours. Not only have I learnt the yoga demonstration and teaching techniques but also the yoga philosophy which has really impact my daily life from him. If he was not there it would be difficult for me & the other seniors. He corrected and assisted us in all the days of training. My sincere Thanks to Ezhili mam. She is born teacher in content, tone, voice, flow & body language.I admired her a lot. Being a teacher I appreciate her classes and the way of teaching using black board. She constantly made all of us aware all the time with her quality teaching. A student never feels lost by all of the new knowledge they are gaining. This can be achieved with her teaching I extend my sincere gratitude to Prakash master. He is excellent in scientific approach to yoga. He has given us lot of additional informations. He infused us with lot of motivation My sincere thanks to Gowri mam. Her slides were well prepared and excellent. She is students friendly & very frank with her views. I loved the way she repeated the class without any hesitation. It was awesome. My sincere Thanks to Ms Gomati for all her technical support, friendly approach
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