Prenatal Yoga Wall Chart

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Author Name : Dr. Lakshmi Andiappan
A specialized yoga sequence for all pregnant women.  Each pose is highlighted with details of which month to practice.

Andiappan Yoga - Prenatal Yoga Wall Chart is good practice guide for women during pregnancy . After decades of research and study Guruji Andiappan has developed a scientific sequence of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that helps expecting mother an easy labor.

Specially designed for pregnant women this chart features postures and breathing techniques that prevents and effectively  address various pregnancy related ailments such as back pain, hormonal disorders,  anxiety, depression, circulation issues, bowel movement etc.

The regular practice of this poses will prepare the body and mind in a  fantastic way to get to know your baby and stay in touch with the rapidly changing physiology of your own body

Step-by-step yoga postures specially adapted and highlighted for each trimester, relaxation techniques and simple breathing exercises will show you how to adjust to the physical demands of labour and give birth with minimum strain.

All asanas are perfectly demonstrated by Dr. Lakshmi Andiappan, a renowned pregnancy yoga specialist and  daughter of Guruji Andiappan.  The best tailor made  yoga routine for pregnant women , it's a must-have for every yoga practitioner to frame and post on the wall of their yoga studio or home.
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Wall Chart: 1 pages
Publisher: International Yoga Academy; 1 edition (2015)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 29 x 19 x 0.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.1 ounces

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