Asana Journal Feb 2016

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Author Name : Asana Journal
Author Name : Yogananth Andiappan
Asana Journal February 2016

Yoga Feature
Frighting Cancer through Yoga - Yulady Saluti
Urban Yoga - Kristina Kashtanova
Martial Arts to Yoga, the journey of Kostyantyn Yaremenko

Book Review
Here Comes The Sun

Yoga Practice
my Asana: Eka Pada Koundinyasana/ Sage Koundinya Pose - One-legged Variation

Bhojana - The Art of Eating
Chia Seeds and Coconut Pudding with Passion Fruits and Fresh Raspberries

Ayurveda Talks
Heart Burn - An Ayurvedic Perspective

Yoga Inspiration
One Small Step
Ancient Perspectives on the Results of Yoga
Asana Back to the Innocent Age
Keep Discovering the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Music
Ancestral Lullaby

Krauncasana - Heron

Sun Salutation
Surya Namaskaram - Variation 52

Yoga Events
Iyengar Yoga Workshop & Teacher Training with H. S. Arun
Upcoming Yoga Events & Programs
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