Asana Journal FEB 2013 Saucha Special

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Author Name : Asana Journal
FEB 2013 “Saucha Special”
Featured articles include:
The Editorial Team
From the Editor

Yoga Feature
1) How does Saucha affect my daily life?
2) The deeper significance of Saucha or purity

Expert Advice
10 great tips to maintain your self practice

Yoga Practice
1) Are you being assisted towards injuiry
2) Beyond physical practice
3) Swadihisthana Chakra: the sensual Chakra

The ocean spoke to me

Yoga Practice
1) Sun salutation
2) Partner yoga

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy for ear disorder

Yoga Community
1) Doomsday: The consequences of Yoga’s
2) Continued growth in the west
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