Asana Journal AUG 2011 Summer Special

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Author Name : Asana Journal
Asana Yoga Journal is the first and only international Yoga magazine published from India since 1993

AUG 2011 “Summer Special”

Featured articles include:

The Editorial Team

From the Editor

Yoga Practice

1) 10 Great Tips to Enjoy the Detox Benefits in Your Yoga Practice

2) Meditate to a Video Game

3) Hip Hop

4) The Origins of Yin Yoga

5) Guru… but How do You Know?

6) A Yoga Diary

7) Yoga for Knee Pain

Yoga Teaching 

What I Learned in Prenatal Yoga When I wasn’t Expecting

Yoga Philosophy

The Principles of Andiappan Yoga Tradition


Can Yoga Deal with Failure?

Life Style & Wellbeing

1) Broaden Your Practice to Other Aspects, Besides Asanas – Say Yes to No Meat!

2) To Detox, or Not to Detox, That is the Question

3) How Important is Cardio Exercise?

4) Yoga – The Secrets to Staying in Shape, Healthy and Young

Yoga Community

Yoga for Autistic Children
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