Asana Journal APR 2013 Tapas Special

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Author Name : Asana Journal
APR 2013 – Tapas Special
Featured articles include:
The Editorial Team
From the Editor

Yoga Feature
1) Using Tapas to Burn Through Our Obstructions
2) Tapas or Austerity

Yoga Practice
1) Enduring Practice
2) Beyond a Physical Practice
3) Anahata Chakra
4) Asana Challenge Adho Mudka Vrkshasana Lifted Headstand
5) Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskaram
6) Partner Yoga

Yoga Community

Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy for Kidney Disorders

1) Field of Forgiveness
2) Love is the Paradise of the Soul
3) Yoga’s Threat to the Underpinnings of the Wests

Life Style and Wellbeing
Yoga Wellness Products Reviews
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