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Syllabus for 200hrs Intensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course


Yoga Anatomy

Study of Yogic Anatomy and Physiology

Study About Various Common Ailments

Yoga Theory

Study of Yogic Rehabilitation Techniques for Various Ailments

Study of Chakras, Koshas, Pranas, Nadis, Gunas, Vayus and its application in Yogic practices.

Yogic Literature

Introduction to Yogic Principles in various literatures.

Yoga Therapy Practicals and Application

Applications of Yoga Therapy for various ailments. ( Neck Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain & Stress) 


Andiappan Yoga Therapy Series 
Andiappan Yoga – Pavanamuktasana Series

Self Study / Project Work

Application for Yoga Therapy for any ailment

Library Hour.

Application of Yoga Therapy for Various Ailments






Introduction to Naturopathy principles.

Naturopathy Food Preparation

Leaf Bath

Mud Bath

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100hrs - 1 - 9 Setember 2014

200hrs - 1 - 18  September 2014

300hrs - 1 - 26  September 2014

500hrs - 1st October - 14th November 2014

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